A Single Gal’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

A Single Gal’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated as a romantic holiday, but to a single woman that’s not necessarily so.

Michelle Kilpatrick, a human resource manager for a local corporation, isn’t dating anyone at the moment, but will still celebrate Valentine’s Day. She plans to see the new movie, “Daddy’s Little Girls.”


As a single, Kilpatrick gets to choose what movie she wants to see, can sit wherever she likes and doesn’t have to share her popcorn.

Sheri Florio, community liaison for Deaconess Home Care from East Walnut Hills, will get lots of lovin’ on Valentine’s Day. But not the traditional hugs and kisses. Her lovin’ will come from the cats at the O’Bryonville Animal Shelter. It will be just like any other day that Florio volunteers at the shelter.


She will be busy cleaning and caring for 70 cats. Not what everyone would call the ideal way to spend Valentines Day, but Florio wouldn’t have it any other way. The only thing that makes her sad is that she can’t take them all home. But maybe you can. If you need a little more love and021207SOCIAL2_intext.jpg affection in your life, check out the O’Bryonville Animal Rescue Web site at: www.theanimalrescue.com.

Having fun with people you care about is what Valentine’s Day means to Mary Beth Maitre, a community relations manager residing in Blue Ash. Maitre will slip into her Valentine’s Day PJs and meet up with her friends at their favorite bar. In fact, all of Maitre’s friends attending this slumber party-esque soirée will be wearing their Valentine’s Day PJs!

Carmen Taylor, a West Chester resident, knows how to budget and plan where her money should go. Taylor, a financial analyst, plans to treat herself to something special on February 14. She’ll be shopping at Tiffany’s for whatever her heart desires. Taylor knows she’s worth it and she already figured it into the budget.

Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with or without romance, but not without love and appreciation. It only comes around once a year so take a moment and reflect on the things you love in your life, and celebrate whatever that may be. Enjoy time with friends, felines or yourself; just do whatever makes you happy. After all, you’re not half a woman just because you’re not half of a couple.