Media Maven: Cincinnati Media Treasures

Media Maven: Cincinnati Media Treasures

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Every year, Cincinnati offers a compendium of venues open for public perusal showcasing all the artistic talent, entertainment and arts educational establishments right here in the Queen City! It is the Fine Arts Fund Sampler and it is always scheduled for the second weekend in February.

0208GIBBERMAN.gif At this posting, you have all either been to the Fine Arts Sampler or missed it. Either way, I’d like to share some great opportunities that are ongoing. Ordinarily, you read reviews for movies in this column. Today, I would like to highlight a wonderful live theater venue known as The Ensemble Theatre, which is located at  1127 Vine St. in downtown Cincinnati.

What I like about this theatre is its intimate feel, beginning with its on-street entrance and miniature lobby that opens to a stadium-style seating plan. Although it’s not quite as large as an ordinary AMC movie theater, this seating plan allows perfect visibility to the stage no matter where you are seated.

Currently playing through Feb. 24 is “Mary’s Wedding.” This drama involves two young lovers in 1914 against the backdrop of World War I. I cannot offer a critique of “Mary’s Wedding” because I have not seen it. I can, however, attest to the highest quality of talent and entertainment offered to audiences of The Ensemble Theatre. Over the years I have attended plays there that have transmogrified talent, controversy, humor and irreverence on the stage for the sole purpose of engaging us with that indefinable concept known as art.
What I can suggest is for you to try The Ensemble Theatre this Spring for the showing of “The Great American Trailer Park Musical.” During the Fine Arts Fund Sampler weekend, Ensemble opened its doors and brought to the stage two actresses and musician Scot Woolley to give us a sneak preview of this comedy described by The New York Sun as, “ ‘South Park’ meets ‘Desperate Housewives’ in this big-hearted new musical comedy….” For ticket information,  call (513) 421-3555 or go online.


My second experience to share with all Cincy Chic readers from the Fine Arts Fund Sampler is located also downtown. At 1100 Race Street, you will discover a free to the public, high tech conglomerate  of resources and equipment housed0208_INSTORY_makebelieveball.gif in a place called, Media Bridges. This place is for you, Cincy Chic readers! It’s for anyone who wants to learn about software, Internet, radio or any kind of access to state-of-the-art media tools. It was founded for the specific purpose of exposing and assisting people in media literacy and practical hands-on experience in mastering communication through media.

On my visit, the cameras were rolling and everyone was encouraged to make an Internet valentine to send to their special someones.

This place was better than cool. An outdoor garden is available to participants for filming commercials, entertaining or as a place to go on a sunny day.

Media Bridges classes are free and open to the public. There is a one-time orientation class that is required for all facility use. Many non-profit local commercials and campaigns are developed and filmed here. They air on four different TV stations. The sky is the limit for your creativity and knowledge to expand!

Classes are free and the staff and schedules are very flexible. For more information, call (513) 651-4171.

This may just be the year when Media Bridges helps you cross over to a world of media opportunities for your professional advancement and pleasure.

Go for it!