Planned Perfection

Planned Perfection

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Kathy Piech-Lukas, president and CEO of Your Dream Day, wanted to enhance her work-life organization in a "one-stop-shop" event-planning software. The problem? The software didn’t exist. "Excel is not meant to plan weddings," she says. So with her techy tendencies and event-planning expertise, Piech-Lukas set out to realize her streamlined vision.


After talking with Larry Jensen from Forever Wedding Video, Piech-Lukas connected with his father, Software Masters Owner Ken Jensen, and more than 18 months later, Master Wedding Planner launches today.


 Serving as secure online-based planning software, Master Wedding Planner stores all things wedding all in one place. Because Piech-Lukas, the only Better Business Bureau-accredited wedding consultant in the area, created the software herself, she provides 030110BGP_INSTORY.gifher time-tested, wedding-approved expertise that you can’t find anywhere else in this capacity. "This is getting the best of me without actually getting me," Piech-Lukas says.


From guest lists to wedding vendor contacts to seating arrangements, the software both stores and helps you develop each detail of your big day. But you don’t have to do it alone. Master Wedding Planner allows you to grant access to specific parts of your planning process to other people. So if your maid of honor out in California wants to help you narrow down your guest list, you can give her permission to view and/or modify the list. But if your mother-in-law would have a hissy fit that you’re not inviting Cousin Bev, no need to grant her permission! "The bride will decide," Piech-Lukas says.


And you won’t have to worry about a coffee-crashed computer or a hard-drive malfunction, as all of your information will be stored securely online. The software is so secure, in fact, that Master Wedding Planners uses the same level of sever security as banks use, Ken Jensen says. "We went the extra mile to get the secure server," he says.


The online-based feature of Master Wedding Planners also allows members to enjoy upgrades immediately after they are made to the site instead of needing to download or buy a newer version. As members provide feedback, the software will continue to evolve. Near future plans include a secure journal for the bride and a fully-functional mobi site for the bride on the go.


While this software is available to brides for a one-event use ($79.95), Master Wedding Planners also is available to wedding planners and vendors across the country for a monthly fee. This allows all major players in your wedding to be on the same virtual page as members of the same software. "There’s a real advantage to select someone who already knows the system," Ken Jensen says.


From now until March 15, Cincy Chic readers can get Master Wedding Planner for a 10 percent discount on their first payment by using the promo code 00014 or following this link. Brides only have one payment, but event planners and wedding vendors pay on a yearly or monthly basis.


For more information about Master Wedding Planner, head to If you’d prefer a live wedding planner, check out Piech-Lukas at


Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Model: Kathy Piech-Lukas
Location: The McAlpin