Cincy Chic Exclusive: TASTEfully Chic

Cincy Chic Exclusive: TASTEfully Chic

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With the newsstand release of its Spring Issue, Taste Magazine Cincinnati announces a collaborative partnership with Cincy Chic, the only online publication for women in Greater Cincinnati.

“This collaboration allows both publications to share their editorial strengths while being introduced to a new audience,” says Taste’s publisher, Stephen Kidd. “While we do share some similarities, we each have areas we believe would be of interest to each others’ readership.”

With this new partnership, Cincy Chic will contribute health and beauty content to Taste, while Taste will provide recipes and culinary content to Cincy Chic from its staff and other local culinary experts. Cincy Chic’s founder and publisher, Amy Storer, will write the articles for Taste.

Taste and Cincy Chic have both carved out their respective fields of expertise and this partnership is a beautiful ‘best of both worlds’ blend,” states Storer. “As the editor of one and an avid reader of both publications, I’m excited to enjoy all the fruits this partnership has to offer.”

The partnership also allows subscribers to Cincy Chic’s free online publication to submit recipes, which will initially be reviewed by their staff. “Finalists” will then be submitted to Taste, who will then pick at least one recipe to be plated, photographed and published in a future issue. Click here to submit your favorite recipe. Deadline is March 19!

“We have at least 30 recipes in each issue from local culinary experts. It will be great to include great recipes from everyday people who have a passion for cooking,” says Kidd.

Taste’s mantra of “Food, Drink, Fashion and Style” and Cincy Chic’s mantra of “Health, Beauty, Fashion, Social and Career for Women” are both focused on local content for the Greater Cincinnati area. Efforts have begun to collaborate on special events to further highlight the best of what the community has to offer.

For more information about
Taste, visit its Web site, or call Stephen Kidd at 513-275-1771 X2.

Photo: Taste Magazine Cincinnati