Aurascope: Balancing your Femininity

Aurascope: Balancing your Femininity

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Our auras are created by the flow of energy through our body and mind. Our goal is to balance the forces of our auras through our physical chakra system in order to align our entire mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body complex. Each aura* color is aligned with a particular gem and color and associated with a particular chakra of the body in order to strengthen and balance. Try to embrace your color, gem and chakra energy to stimulate and optimize your femininity.

RED –  Your color is red; your element is the earth; and your gem is red garnet. Stay centered and grounded through physical exercise and focused on a healthy lifestyle. You will feel your power and self-will through the use exercises that strengthen your spine and central body core extended from your root chakra.

ORANGE – Your color range is coral to orange, your element is water and your gem is a carnelian or ruby. You can be highly emotional and intuitively expressive and will love to share your sensuality with others. You love the outdoors; continue moisturizing your skin and hydrating your body to protect and balance your sacral chakra.

MAGENTA- Your color is hot pink, your element is fire and your gem is pink tourmaline. You sizzle with heat and energy and send out feelings of joy and love to everyone. Protect your sacral and solar plexus chakras with cooling herbal drinks or some chai tea for calmness and sleep.

YELLOW –Your color is yellow, your element is fire and your gems are yellow sapphire, amber or citrine. You are an extrovert, joyful and playful. You love physical and mental challenges, so eat, sleep and exercise properly to protect the digestive and abdominal region of your solar plexus chakra.

0208GIBBERMAN.gif MENTAL/PHYSICAL TAN – Your color is caramel, your element is earth, and your gems are tigers eye and topaz. You tend to be assertive with your mission and your actions. However, communication sometimes eludes you so using your elements, engaging in refreshing exercise and diet will stimulate your solar plexus chakra.

LOVING/NURTURING TAN – You color is caramel, your element is earth and your gem is citrine. You are lovable and gentle and need reinforcement from others to feel success. Citrine will energize you, take away some of your nervousness and brighten your outlook on life and love. Enjoy a long walk to stimulate your solar plexus chakra.

GREEN –Your color is green, your element is air, and your gems are the emerald and jade. Your quest is both love and material success, and even though you can be manipulative, moody and demanding, you are compassionate and nurturing. Surrender to your softer side to ensure positive health for you heart chakra.

BLUE – Your color is blue, your element is air, and your gems are turquoise and blue sapphire. You are always listening to and helping others with your spiritual, intuitive wisdom. Try centering on yourself and your personal desires and needs which will stimulate and protect your sensitive throat chakra.

LAVENDER – Your color is pale lilac to lavender, your element is air, and your gems are aquamarine and amethyst. You are a free spirit full of creative self-expression and dream of harmony and happiness. You are quite sensitive to light and noise, so calming teas and light, sugary foods stimulate your throat chakra.

INDIGO – Your color is indigo to violet, your element is the mind, and your gems are the amethyst and the lapis. You have both clarity and insight, and desire independence from ordinary lifestyles. You must keep yourself busy with new challenging projects, and exercise so that you do not depress your third eye chakra.

VIOLET – Your color is violet, your element is the mind, and your gems are the amethyst and diamond. You love to use your imagination, power and wealth for positive, creative, idealistic purposes. Continue to engage your senses and third eye chakra in learning, producing and enjoying community and global activities.

CRYSTAL – Your color is white, your element is cosmic energy and spirit, and your gem is the diamond. You are crystal clear about your needs and goals; you are a natural healer and can bring together the mind, body and spirit. Continue to balance your crown chakra through meditation, learning and healing.

*If you have not had an Aura reading, first click here to take the free, two question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).