Two Brides’ Heads are Better than One

Two Brides’ Heads are Better than One

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It’s no secret that a wedding can take months to plan, making sure every detail is in place so that your big day goes off without a hitch. Well, Greater Cincinnati brides, have no fear, The Knot’s local discussion board is the meeting place for a group who call themselves the Cincinnati Knotties, and they’re here to help!


The Cincinnati Knotties is a valuable tool when it comes to planning your wedding. Brides-to-be scour the boards and threads, asking others for advice, ideas or simply to read reviews on local vendors. The discussion board is a great virtual word of mouth, without having to wade through posts from vendors trying to promote their businesses.


"A vendor’s business thrives best by word of mouth, and in a world where we’re all plugged in, The Knot serves as that ‘word of mouth,’ " says local bride-to-be Thanh, who requested we not use her last name. "You’ll learn the good and the bad about who you are booking."


The boards have more uses than just trying to find the best florist, reception hall or wedding officiant. Brides-to-be and newlywed brides are there for moral support and advice on how to handle sticky situations. "I don’t know where to begin describing how useful the etiquette and planning advice I’ve received is," Thanh says.


D2DWebInStory.gif Weddings tend to cost a hefty sum of money, but you can cut costs by consulting other Cincinnati Knotties. Share the specifics about what you’re looking for, and the other brides can help you find vendors that fit your style and budget. "If you can’t afford to hire a wedding planner, the local board is the next best resource in saving time and energy on locating compatible vendors," says Mandy Miller, a bride-to-be and avid Cincinnati Knottie.


Local brides come to the boards looking for ideas and DIY projects such as invitations, programs, bouquets and centerpieces. "The board is great for brainstorming some of the creative decision making we are working through," Miller says. "I could spend all day wracking my brain about how to do something, or post it on the board and have 25 ideas by lunch!"


Don’t be shocked at how much time and energy other brides will invest in helping you plan your wedding. "I’m always amazed when I get stumped by an idea, put it out on the board and within a few hours I usually have a handful of really thoughtful responses and perspectives that I would never have thought of on my own," Miller says.


Both Thanh and Miller highly recommend that every local bride take full advantage of the boards. After all, the biggest day of your life doesn’t have to be the most stressful.




Photo courtesy of the Cincinnati Knotties Facebook Page