Aurascope: Money Matters

Aurascope: Money Matters

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Money, Money, Money – most of us want the security of having enough of it in our to pay the rent, mortgage, utilities, clothing and food bills. After that, we may feel like we need or want those little extras life offers, or we may just want more money for future savings. Past Aurascopes* have examined the process each aura color uses to define financial attitude and budgeting. This one will revisit how your aura color can help you use the best of your color influence to help you increase the power of your money.

RED – Money is a physical tangible that meets your daily needs. Focus on business and success and constantly fine-tune your strategy to increase your net worth. You will work multiple jobs, overtime and always seek higher paying opportunities. Learn about and seek professional guidance for long term investments.

ORANGE – You are affected by the emotional surge of adrenaline that you receive when you have some money in your hands. You do not like to be responsible for keeping track of what you earn or how you spend it. Seek professional guidance for a growth and savings plan so you do not spend everything you earn.
MAGENTA – You are self-centered about money matters and only like to earn enough money to spend it on art, entertainment and clothing. Try to put something aside every week for savings or you will not have enough money for necessities. You are creative, so visit your neighborhood thrift shops for great savings on clothing and household items.
YELLOW – You tend to be childlike in handling your finances and trust that someone will always take care of you. You have an easy come, easy go attitude about spending your money and don’t worry about future consequences. Let someone you trust handle your money for you so that it will grow and be there for your future.0208GIBBERMAN.gif

MENTAL/PHYSICAL TAN – You want the security and stability of solid investments that will make you feel safe and secure. You tend to be slightly frugal and buy the least expensive and most practical items for yourself. You will make sure that your money grows and your initial investments are protected. Now, go have a little fun.
You have a steady income and you don’t need a lot or spend outside your strict budget. You seem to place a majority of your earnings aside for investment and love to watch your holdings grow and mature. You will accumulate wealth – just don’t sacrifice everything you want waiting to spend it in your old age.

Your aura is the color of money. You like your money to grow, but you also like to spend your money – especially on yourself. You tend to place your money at risk in order to make more money – but usually your risks pay off with great gains. You have a natural ability to understand and play the stock market.
BLUE – You often have trouble deciding what to do with your money and how to save or spend it. You work hard and usually have an excellent job or career, but you are the great enabler of the aura colors. You will be an excellent steward of someone else’s money – cautious, dependable and frugal. Remember to do this for yourself as well.

LAVENDER – You have little or no concept of money and how to spend, save or invest it. When you have money, you spend it; when you don’t have money, you focus on your dreams, art or writing. You will have to entrust someone to be your money keeper so it is there for you when you truly need funds.

INDIGO – You need lots of money to survive because you like your freedom to spend your money as you see fit. You will earn money quickly and move from one project to the next with ease. You will always use the best knowledge and good judgment with your money and intuitively know where to invest with success.

Your violet aura is the ultimate color for success and wealth and holding on to that it. You can visualize your needs and dreams of higher earnings and acquire your wealth with relatively little effort. You love to spend, but always know when to pull back, and intuitively know the best choices for investment growth.

CRYSTAL – Very much like the crystal color of your aura, you see your money very clearly. You handle money with good conscience and responsibility. You pay your bills on time, and always keep track of your money through budgeting. You will never have to worry about having money – you always have investments and savings for a rainy day.

*If you have not had an Aura reading, first click here to take the free, two question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).