My Oasis: Fusion Studio

My Oasis: Fusion Studio

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As an introduction, I am a 50 something obstetrician and gynecologist. I have been practicing in Northern Kentucky for 20 years. I am married with two wonderful sons.


Three years ago, I was a perimenopausal, overweight, out of shape, overstressed physician struggling to cope with my life’s schedule. I was full of advice and instructions but not the example needed for my patients.


One morning while racing from rounds and surgery at the hospital to the office, I grabbed the “typical” doctor’s breakfast from the doctor’s lounge – two donuts and three cups of coffee. Later while seeing patients, I became lightheaded, dizzy and nauseous. I felt horrible. A random screen of my glucose revealed it to be significantly elevated – a clear sign of diabetes. What a wake up call for me! So began my journey back to a healthy life style and fitness.

Taking the advice I had been giving my patients, I seriously changed my eating habits. After losing the first 15 pounds, I found the energy to exercise. I joined a local gym and health club, but found myself horribly intimidated by the many machines, weights and strutting bodybuilders. I signed up for a group exercise class called spinning and found my niche.
Soon thereafter, I discovered the Fusion Studio in Fort Thomas. It has since turned into “my oasis.” It’s a small, local, group-oriented exercise studio with no high-pressure solicitation, and no memberships – just a fun and friendly place for fitness. They also offered the early 6:00 am classes, which fits my schedule.

Over the last two years I have built serious and lasting friendships with colleagues, clients and the remarkable instructors – Matt, Jamie, Scott, Sharon and all. At 6:00 am, there is no strutting and pretentiousness, but bed head, sans makeup and wrinkled shirts – just honest people with a dedication to fitness.

Last year, I moved my spinning to outdoor cycling with Fusion’s personal trainer, Jamie Hoffpauir. Jamie was the first personal trainer to design my workouts to my specific goals. Problems I found in the large gyms with personal trainers were the generic weekly workouts, trainers gossiping with everyone else, while I pushed out my reps, missed workouts and new trainers every other week. Jamie took my goals and training seriously, giving me the personal attention and encouragement to succeed.

Last May, with Jamie by my side, I accomplished one of my first major goals. I rode a century (100 miles in one day). And not just a century but back-to-back centuries – 210 miles in two days! Presently, she is working with me on one of my lifetime goals of riding across the USA, a transcontinental ride, maybe in 2008 or 2009.

I owe a lifetime of gratitude to my “friends in misery” and instructors at the Fusion Studio.

— Jackie Hanson


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