Breaking up Is Easy to Do

Breaking up Is Easy to Do

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Mosaics seem really difficult, but are actually very simple to create. You can mosaic just about anything with a flat or nearly flat breakcraft.jpgsurface, for example: mirrors, picture frames, vases, chairs and anything else you can think of! The fun of doing a mosaic is that there is no wrong way to do it. To start, just pick what you want to mosaic, and then select the materials.

To get started, here are the basics: broken glass, mosaic glue and grout (optional). Most craft supply stores have a large variety of pre-broken glass and even ceramic tiles. You can also buy glass bottles, plates, tiles or mirrors to break yourself. If you do break these pieces yourself, itÂ’s best to wrap them in a towel so the broken pieces stay contained and do not fly up and cut you (make sure to protect your eyes with safety glasses).

Choosing pieces to break yourself is a great way to get really creative with the project. For example, going to garage sales or flea markets to find old dishes with ornate designs can turn an already fun design into something uniquely your own.

Do not be afraid to play with different textures, colors and sizes of the pieces you are applying; the typical mosaic has a smooth surface when finished, but your mosaic doesn't have to be typical.

Leaving the final piece rough can create depth and make it more interesting. A great way to generate this look is to use sea glass, which is not uniformly smooth and even. Pair the seabreakcraft2.jpg glass with any combination of the previously mentioned materials, or use all of one material. The point is: have fun with it!

Once you have the pieces laid out where you want them, glue them all in place using mosaic glue. You want to use this glue because it is stronger than regular glue, and it can be purchased at most craft stores. Once you glue the pieces in place, give it 24 hours to set before moving on to the last step.

If you opted to use pieces that are not uniformly smooth, resulting in an uneven surface, you will probably want to skip the grout step. Keep in mind that the initial surface to which you applied these pieces will be visible, so if you want the background to be a certain color, you might want to begin the process by painting it.


If you do use smooth, even pieces, using grout to fill the gaps is the final step. This grout is made specifically for mosaics and is also available at craft stores. It comes in just about any color and is extremely easy to use. Just follow the instructions on the package and you are done. You have produced a beautiful, easy and fun work of art that would even impress Martha Stewart!