Aurascope: Live, Laugh, Love

Aurascope: Live, Laugh, Love

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Humor is regarded as a healthy elixir for our mind, body, soul and emotions. It can make you feel in control of life situations. Through humor you can release anger, fear and stress that otherwise may harm your physical, mental or emotional state.
However, humor can become humorless if used to hurt or put down others. Practicing good humor gives us the ability to connect and laugh with others as well as replace depressed feelings with good feelings. Ultimately, no matter what adversities we experience in our lives, we must have room for laughter — even if we must use our adversities to our advantage in a humorous way! Here is how your Aura* color deals with humor. Remember, it’s easier to feel good when we laugh.

RED – Your life motto is “Work hard, play hard” and you are generally engaged in very physical, stressful and sometimes life-threatening situations. You need a break from the passion and stress of your day, so let loud laughter relax your body and spirit. Enjoy the evening with friends dancing, joking and having a nice glass of merlot or great beer.

ORANGE – You are high spirited and emotional about your love of travel, exploration and adventure. You are usually intense and focused on your next project, leaving little time for humor and relaxation. A little laughter directed at yourself will help you relax and prepare for those unexpected broken body parts and soreness coming your way.

MAGENTA – You are generally the life of the party and will have others following your lead to enjoy happy, fun, outrageous laughter-producing moments that will not be forgotten! But be careful not to carry your joking and mimicking of others too far. You can be hurtful at times without it being intentional. You also have no trouble laughing at yourself.

YELLOW – You are a social butterfly who loves to organize, orchestrate and be the center of anything and everything that brings joy and laughter to your friends and associates! You love the challenge of bringing smiles to your co-workers and loved ones. Continue sharing jokes and playing practical jokes on others that make everyone laugh and feel good.

MENTAL/PHYSICAL TAN – You need to feel in control of your plans and actions at all times, which causes you a lot of stress. Since you enjoy reading, take some time to enjoy the simple pleasure of reading the comics in the newspaper or reading a joke book. Laughing can be a rare pleasure for you, but will certainly raise your spirit.

LOVING/NURTURING TAN – You love being a part of your community and sharing in family events. Plan an evening for the entire family to enjoy a fun dinner at a theme restaurant followed by a community play. You are happiest when loved ones are happy and you are surrounded by smiles and laughter.
GREEN – You tend to be stressed by work and your authoritative attitude towards others can lead to headaches and stomach pains. It is time for you to show the playful side of your personality! You are witty and funny when pushed forward. But beware of your sarcastic humor — even if you always apologize if you hurt someone’s feelings.

Humor is not your strength, so try to surround yourself with family and friends who can show you how to laugh, joke and party. You wrap yourself in others’ misery and do not take time to lighten the load that friends and family place on your shoulders. Laughter will rekindle your ability to continue to help others.

You are always seeking ways to integrate your mind, body and spirit. Love, laughter and light-hearted thoughts keep you feeling healthy and young.  Gather your friends and family daily in person or through e-mail to share a joke or piece of humor.

INDIGO – You have knowledge and intuition about the importance of humor in the healing of our lives and the universe. You can see the humor in being too serious about life and not only laugh at yourself, but also inject doses of  humor into the lives of others when they need it most.

VIOLET – You know the importance of laughter and humor in the process of bringing people together to listen to your visions of peace. You also have the ability to lead others in your path and incorporate smiles and jokes throughout the many community projects you are part of. Laughter bonds others to continue your work.

You are the most serious minded of the Aura colors and need constant reminders that laughter, humor and joy are good medicine for the mind, body and spirit. You have a dry sense of humor that can border on caustic. Try to relax and don’t work or think so hard about the point of the joke, just enjoy it.

If you have not had an Aura reading, first click here to take the free, two question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).