Cincy Chic Exclusive: Meet Sarah Jessica Parker!

Cincy Chic Exclusive: Meet Sarah Jessica Parker!

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 The Sarah Jessica Parker extravaganza was too chic for words! Here’s a lil preview of the event. Check back on for a follow-up about our contest winner, more pics and footage of SJP!! We had a blast!

Last week, Cincy Chic scored the exclusive opportunity to give one of our readers a chance to meet Sarah Jessica Parker in person! (And no, this wasn’t an April Fool’s Day prank!)


The fastastic, style maven will be in town Thursday, April 3rd, 2008, at Macy’s Kenwood Towne Centre starting at noon, greeting her fans and autographing her newest fragrance, 3.4 oz LOVELY Eau De Parfum Spray


We asked our readers to send us an e-mail and tell us why they deserve to meet this Cincinnati-born starlet.


The Cincy Chic staff selected the top 10 responses, and then left it up to our readers, to choose their favorite SJP plea.


And who did you choose?! Drum roll please…


Congratulations to Jerri E. Reynolds who received more than 600 votes for her plea to meet SJP! Here’s her winning entry:



“Love for SATC…it’s more like an obsession.

In 2003, I went through a divorce and a little bit of a depression.

I remember not wanting to get cable in my small little apartment. So, I signed up to get Net Flick’s. I then went on line and ordered every episode of Sex in the City I could find.

I would rush home every day to see what new adventure was in store for me. But, before I made my way home I would make sure I had just the right amount of treats to devourer while I immersed myself in the ladies’ lives. So many of the episodes hit close to home. I would cry, laugh or even call a friend and talk about an episode.

There have so many times where I have been out with friends and we all just start talking about something that relates back to SATC. It’s like a guilty pleasure we all have, love and know about. Then we confess to what character we may be that day.

I’m already planning the SATC movie premiere party and of course choosing what shoes to wear.

Crossing my fingers that I win – This may not be the most interesting of all the stories you may get. But, I can truly tell you it’s one that Charlotte would appreciate.” —Jerri E. Reynolds, Customer Service/Events Coordinator, Ferguson, a Wolseley company.



We will be there tomorrow as Jerri meets SJP, documenting the whole event and will post pictures and a follow-up about the whole exciting meet n’ greet! Stay tuned for that!


Cincy Chic would like to thank eveyone who sent in a submission! We truly enjoyed reading all your fantastic stories!


And don’t forget that we will be giving away tickets to the upcoming Sex and The City movie screening next week on the site! So look forward to that!


You still have the opportunity to meet SJP! Just be among the first 300 customers to purchase one of the exclusive LOVELY Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance gift collections by reserving your purchase at (513) 607-5021 or visiting the LOVELY fragrance counter at Macy’s Kenwood Towne Centre. Just come pick up your gift collection on the day of the event and meet Sarah Jessica Parker!