Let Your Wild Side out with a “Fun” Night in

Let Your Wild Side out with a “Fun” Night in

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"Let the guys have their poker night," says Pure Romance CEO and founder Patty Brisben. "This month, get together with the girls and have your own party."040207social.jpg


There's something to be said about a girls' night in. We tend to get a little goofier, laugh a little louder, speak more freely and all of these things allow us to reconnect with one another. "Pure Romance parties are the the number one reason for a girls night in," explains Pure Romance consultant, Allison Reis, "It gives women a chance to have fun with their girlfriends and they get to talk sex in the privacy of their own homes and they don't get embarrassed because there are no men allowed at the parties."

Pure Romance parties are perfect for any occasion. You can throw a Pure Romance party for a variety of events. You can choose themes, such as “Bachelorette Bash,” “Suddenly Single,” “Office Party,” “Spa Party,” “Birthday Bash,” seasonal themed parties, as well as a “Just Because” party.

During your party, your Pure Romance consultant will show you a variety of products that Brisben designed to enrich relationships. "Pure Romance has created a fun, yet educationally enriched environment where women can feel safe to explore all the things your mother never told you about sex and romance," says Brisben.

"The products are fun and they actually do what they claim to do," explains Reis. "They are great for all women. And if you are pregnant, they will not harm you in any way."

Your consultant will show you products from a variety of categories. The "Playful Beginnings" line consists of products that were developed to heighten foreplay. The "Memorable Moments" line is where you will find lubricants and heighteners that help create a safe and comfortable level of intimacy. The "Romantic Interludes" line of products are designed to provide a wide variety of sensual experiences and "Bedroom Accessories" are exactly what they sound like.

The Pure Romance massage and bath aids are products designed to promote relaxation as well as increase arousal. The spa products are created for advanced body renewal. Pure Romance offers all of these relationship-enriching products, as well as lingerie and a variety of novelty items, so everyone can find something that defines their kind of “fun.” And adding a little more fun to this fun party equation, you’re eligible to win trips, cash and prizes as a Pure Romance hostess.

There are a few other companies that offer in-home fun parties, such as Fantasia, so do your homework before you decide. Whichever company you decide to go with, go to their Web site to learn more about them, and Google the company’s name for user reviews. You can even ask the company for a hostess reference, so you can talk to someone who’s hosted one of their parties before. You’ll want to make sure they’re safe and trustworthy, because after all, you are inviting a stranger with sex toys into your home, You don’t want a serial killer stranger coming into your home armed with sex toys. That would not be “fun.”

Once you find the company of choice, call all of your girlfriends, set up a date and prepare to have a loud, daring, uninhibited experience. "My friends have all told me that they have a blast at my parties," says Reis. "It's just all around good fun for the girls!"