Aurascope: Understanding Your Inner Sexuality

Aurascope: Understanding Your Inner Sexuality

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How do you measure your personal level of sexuality? Is it by the amount of cleavage you display, your body size or by the makeup and clothing you wear? Your sexuality may be defined by the circumstances surrounding your sexual history and personal development or how by you were brought up.

At any rate, pleasure from your sexuality can be in harmony with your mind, body and spirit when you understand the inner sexual nature of your Aura* color.

RED – You need to embrace your total sensuality and sexuality by accepting your love for lust and passion. You love to feel free to experience the taste, smell and touch of sexuality. You are vocal and passionate about your sexuality and let your inner animal roar! You will be able to satisfy many a suitor or remain loyal to one.

ORANGE – You recognize your sexuality as a form of thrill seeking and conquering a challenge. You are not afraid to hunt and chase your prey or use your fun, natural, carefree sexuality to get what you want. However, once you capture someone, you are usually ready to move on to the next victim.

MAGENTA – Your love for experimentation and creativity flows through to your sexuality. You have no rules or limitations on how you use your sexuality because you want to enjoy sex in exciting, unpredictable ways. You usually believe that monogamy takes the variety out of life and the spice out of your sexual Aura.

YELLOW – Your level of sexuality makes you a very self-loving and care-giving lover. You love to laugh, have fun, make jokes and yet can be very sensitive and considerate to your mate. You and your partner love to connect with each other through your playful yet mature understanding of sexuality and what creates happiness.

You can be a very sexual and sensual partner because you are attracted to the physical attributes of your mate and know how to engage in communication and touch. You can be caring and considerate but sometimes will get bored with the same rituals. Release your mind from thought and just enjoy the pleasure.

LOVING/NURTURING TAN – On the outside, you may tend to be slightly reserved and cautious. However, your sensuality and sexuality is like a slow burn. You love slow, tender moves that create trust, sensitivity and sincerity. You truly believe that admiration and respect can increase sexuality.

GREEN – You may often use your great gift of natural sexuality as an intense power play to manipulate, control or overpower your partner. If you are angry or having a bad day at work, you will withhold sex or even become abusive. You can also become vindictive if your sexuality does not work on others. You like to admire and be admired by others.

BLUE – You tend to be very low key with your sexuality because you just want to be loved, trusted and treated affectionate equally by your mate and your friends. You love to be held, hugged and cuddled and love to give in the same manner to others. You feel strong emotional ties to your sexual partners and are very vocal about love and commitment.

LAVENDER – You tend to be very sexual because you are guided by the creative, artistic and exotic essences surrounding you. You love to fantasize and role-play with a partner, adding great sensuality to your total being. You draw others to you with your sensitivity, caring, playfulness, trustworthiness and freedom with your emotions.

INDIGO – You are blessed with a sexuality that truly reflects and attracts both male and female characteristics: boldness, tenderness, beauty, strength, power and gentleness. Your sexuality and sensuality extend beyond attaining pure physical pleasure as you seek a deeply spiritual bonding experience between souls.

You have an innate sexuality about you that shines through to your outer shell. You need no extreme clothing, make up or body moves to accentuate your sexuality or sensual nature. Others feel your inner beauty and power exude from you. You will be chased. Stand back and enjoy the attention.

You tend to hide your sexuality and sensuality behind your guarded cloak of intelligence, healing nature and fear of the unknown. You love to help others, but will not be aggressive or the center of attention for sexual purposes. You will be cautious when choosing a partner, preferring instead a patient, quiet and calming mate.

*If you have not had an Aura reading, first click here to take the free, two question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).