Media Maven: “Be Kind Rewind” Movie Review

Media Maven: “Be Kind Rewind” Movie Review

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Be Kind Rewind
Jack Black, Mos Def, Danny Glover, Mia Farrow, Melonie Diaz

“Be Kind Rewind” a little film about a neighborhood video store on its last leg. The title must be an indicator of the tone of this film.

Mike, played by Mos Def, runs a video store. One day Jerry, his best friend played by Jack Black, became magnetized, causing all of the videos to be ruined by his physical presence. Devastated and desperate, Jerry hatched a plan to have Mike, himself and their friend Alma remake each film using themselves playing multiple characters.

On less than a shoestring budget and more than enough creative makeshift ideas, the self-made videos are a hit to the people in the neighborhood. Yet this effort is not enough to save the video store from the city insisting the building does not meet safety codes.

Intertwined in this plot is a sentimental story of a famous jazz musician who has his roots in the same neighborhood.  The owner of the video store, played by Danny Glover, continued to idolize this musician and the days of yesteryear. Unfortunately, his nostalgia does not keep up with the pace of technology. Towards the end of the film, Glover finally makes a concession to having DVDs in his store.

Watching the remakes of major movies is fun. Yet, the movie falls short of being a comedy. It is more of a sentimental tribute to the jazz musician and a melancholy look of the neighborhood in days gone by. The ending was more pathetic than plausible.

But I like Jack Black and Mos Def and Danny Glover. So I will be kind and say it is a movie that you may enjoy on the Lifetime Cable Network. It’s no blockbuster — but do all films need to be?

Chic Stars: Two Chic Stars

Jan’s Movie Rating System:
5 – Top notch entertainment
4 – Compelling, Heartwarming, Thrilling, Comical
3 – The a) story b) actors c) special effects saved/made this movie.
2 – If you are bored watch it, or wait for DVD
1 – Don’t bother. Too morose, too violent, too blasé, an enigma.



Be Kind Rewind