Five Kinds of Men You Need to Avoid

Five Kinds of Men You Need to Avoid

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1. A man who sulks. While boyish aspects are refreshing at times, it is important to remember pouting of any sort is the thin veneer of a scared, sad little child with possible mother issues. This, in turn, often leaves you – the fabulous and beautiful love of his life – to become his mother figure, ironing socks and starching his underwear. If that's not your style, it's highly suggested that you terminate the relationship. He may whine and attempt to put a guilt trip on you, but hold your ground! There is no possible hope of molding a child-in-a-grown-man's-body into decent husband material.

2. A man with unforgettable charisma. Although we all loved the charming aspects of Peter Pan as a child, keep in mind that in the end, both Wendy and Tinkerbell were left with a witty, yet hopelessly egotistical male, that relied purely on his charm, talent and good looks to get by. While a charming man’s intentions may be good, he has become that unreachable and charismatic for a reason. This man is often put on a pedestal by women, simply because he seems unattainable due to the ever-revolving female posse at his disposal. The operative word here is "disposal," which is exactly what women are to this man. While he may be entertaining and make you laugh, keep Peter Pan at arms length. Or a few arms just to be safe.

3. An Alcoholic. I, myself, have enjoyed a few too many drinks in one sitting. A night out with the ladies or boyfriend can often become a pleasantly memorable evening. Unfortunately, people, or men in this case, are not always what they seem. Ladies, it is important to keep your eyes open wide for several red flags:

  • Does one eye get increasingly smaller as the night progresses? This is a telltale sign of either a drunk or an alcohol induced lazy eye… either way, you don't want to enter those traits in your family's gene pool.
  • Does he have that alcohol-coming-out-of-his-pores smell? Warning ladies, that scent is called "Eau de Run Away Quickly!"
  • After a few drinks, does he suddenly feel he embodies all the physical qualities of a UFC fighter? This usually means he is a fighting drunk. Not good for you or anyone else in that bar. If you don't want to spend the rest of your weekends breaking up fights and nursing wounds, exit the relationship pronto.

4. The jealous man. There is not a woman alive that wants to be seen as unattractive or undesirable by her significant other. Unfortunately, there can be a fine line between healthy adoration and unhealthy possessiveness. If he is constantly calling you on girls night, pestering your friends about the details of events at which he was not present or expecting to know your every move when you're not together, it is time to cut him loose. Trust does take time to build and grow, but excessive jealously usually is a result of one of two things: 1) insecurity or 2) him, knowing he's inclined to misbehave when he is out on the town without you, figuring you're doing the same.

5. The demeaning man. Not all of us are capable of bringing a crowd to tears of laughter like Woody Allen, yet it is important for a relationship to take joy in the other person. Nobody wants to be with someone with the personality of a bathroom tile. Life and relationships are hard, and humor helps make it through the trying times. If a boyfriend acts like your jokes or witty perspective on life is his cross to bear, then you may be on a sinking ship. Never allow anyone to undermine your intelligence or your sense of humor. These are qualities that will carry you through life. If he thinks you are lacking in that department, then promptly open the front door and announce that he is more than welcome to find someone he feels is more entertaining.