Plan a Girls’ Night in

Plan a Girls’ Night in

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With the cold and rainy weather showing only slight signs of slowing, many local ladies will choose to stay in versus hitting the bar scene. And there are lots of perks to staying in. For one, it gives you a break from doing your hair and make up. Why ‘do up your do’ when it’s just going to turn soggy? Sure, it’s fun to show off your latest fashion, but save it for Spring, sister! Need another perk? How about having the freedom to share some juicy gossip with your closest friends over a nice glass of wine versus having to yell it over loud bar music? Here are five tips for a perfect night in:



1. Keep it casual. Hopefully you’re having girls’ night with your closest buds. There’s no need to go overboard on your dress. Sure, you can show off your latest boots or handbag, but don’t out dress your guests. They’ll love you in jeans and a t-shirt, and you’ll love the comfort of not having to impress anyone.


2. Delegate the dishes. If you’re hosting girls’ night, your job is to clean your place, have a few favorite cocktails available and provide good conversation. If your gal pals are worth their weight in margarita salt, they’ll likely ask you “what can I bring?” Have one friend bring a savory dish, one friend bring some fruit and another bring dessert. Don’t stress out about designing the perfect dinner. Have a few low fat items (like veggies and dip and bottled water) on hand for your calorie counting pals.


3. Mix it up. If you have a cool co-worker that has something in common with your crazy next door neighbor, invite them along. Girls’ night in is a great time to network and meet new people in a comfortable setting. Be sure to introduce everyone when they arrive and watch the fun begin. You’ll be surprised with how many connections will be made.


4. Turn off the cell phones! Nothing says “I’ve got more important people to speak with than you,” than taking a cell phone call at a party. I’m always amazed when I see people making and taking calls while out with friends and family. Was that phone call that urgent? Unless you’re a trauma surgeon waiting on a gunshot wound patient, leave the phone home tonight.


5. Thank your friends. Let’s face it. Having close girlfriends you can pour your heart out to is a blessing. True friends are there through thick and thin and will gladly make time for your in their busy schedules. Return the favor by attending girls’ night in when they host at their house.

Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: Gateway Quarter
Models (left to right): Jennifer Brewer, Amy Storer, Johanna Hartman and Jennifer Dunn
Wardrobe (right three models): Park + Vine
Makeup Artistry: Jocelyn Sparks, Zoë Custom Cosmetics