Chic Spotlight: Beauty Buff, Toni Green

Chic Spotlight: Beauty Buff, Toni Green

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Cincy Chic: How did you become involved with BeautiControl (BC)?

Toni Green: I became involved with BC when I was invited to a Spa Escape by Miss Cincy Chic herself, Amy Storer. I fell in love with the quality of the products immediately. I had such a great time that I invited Christie Kraft to come to my home and spa my friends and family. I signed up the night of my Escape, getting all of BC’s #1 products, skin care and beauty care for only $99.

Cincy Chic: This week’s issue is all about staying in. We’ve heard about BC’s “Spa Escape.” What is that all about? What’s been your most interesting one to date?
BC’s Spa Escape embodies bringing the total spa experience directly to your home. There are many different themes you can have for your guests such as, “Margarita Spa,” “Chocolate Lover’s Spa,” “Couples Spa,” “Mom/Daughter Spa” and many more. At the Escape, you and your guests will experience spa-quality products including age defying skin care, hand and feet treatments, detoxifying facials, soothing eye pillows and a relaxing meditation segment. We even have cosmetic consultations.

My most interesting Spa Escape was this past Valentine’s Day where a client turned her home into a complete spa oasis. The client had a full brunch buffet to start the afternoon event. In addition to me, she invited a licensed massage therapist and a manicurist to pamper her guests. Each room was decorated with a pink and chocolate theme and served as spa stations. The day was well planned with 25-minute appointments for each station. It was definitely a spa-tacular escape!

Cincy Chic: What do you love about the BC products?
As a molecular biologist, the ingredients and constituents are what I love most about the BC products. BC products are great because they have repair and prevention properties, in addition to seeing instantaneous results we love to see in our beauty care.

Cincy Chic: What is your favorite BC product? Why?
My favorite BC product is our All Clear skin care. I love it because I used ProActiv for six years and it no longer controlled my acne. I was very weary with changing my skin care regimen, but low and behold the All Clear cleared my skin in less than two weeks. I’m very happy with it and it doesn’t dry my skin out as ProActiv once did!

Cincy Chic: Do you have any advice for women who are thinking about becoming an independent consultant?
My advice for women who are considering becoming an independent consultant is to make the business fit into your schedule and inevitably work for you. Know that people will fall in love with the product after experiencing them firsthand. So, set small goals and work towards them a little bit at a time. Also have fun, you’ll meet many great people while providing them with the much needed “me time” we all deserve.

Cincy Chic: What are some of the current trends you are seeing in the beauty industry?
Some of the current trends I’m seeing in the beauty industry include anything floral, feminine and flirty. Eyes that pop by utilizing pastel colors (i.e. purple, vibrant pink and coral shades) are great for this Spring. An intense eye accompanied with a nude lip is fierce, but a bright pink lip screams sass! Accompany a bright lip with natural eyes played up with lashes for the maximum appeal. BC has done a great job featuring this trend in our Garden Party make-up collections. They complement fair, medium and dark skin tones. They include three eye colors, two lip colors, a dual eye/lip brush and a cute case trimmed in polka dots.

Cincy Chic: Does BC have lines geared to women of color?
BC is a great company because it’s geared toward all women, including women of color. As a woman of color myself, I understand the importance of matching our hues. We have African-American, Asian and Hispanic models featured throughout our beauty campaigns. We offer our clients plenty of cosmetics that feature plums, burgundies, rich reds and corals that complement mocha complexions.

Cincy Chic: Tell us a little about yourself, besides your BC life…
I am a molecular biologist and full-figured model. It’s rare you’d find a scientist who loves fashion, but I embrace the best of both worlds. I’m committed to utilizing my gifts and talents to help others, which is also a reason BC works well for me. I also love children and I’m a certified sushi addict!

Cincy Chic: What’s you favorite thing about Cincinnati?
My favorite thing about Cincinnati is family and food. Ice cream is my guilty pleasure and where else can you find Graeter’s, UDF, Dairy Queen and your mom-and-pop creamy whips all within a one mile radius of your home!

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Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography
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