Just Kick It

Just Kick It

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Soccer moms and kids alike down at the soccer fields at Towne and Country Sports Complex might not realize there are new kids on the practice fields these days, but there are—about 100 of them.

They’re part of the program Kicks for Hope, a charity founded in September 2010 that  works to spread healthy living and the game of soccer to kids living in Over-the-Rhine and Covington, Ky. David Robertson is the man behind the soccer ball.

“Soccer was sort of a constant in my life,” says Robertson recently to Cincy Chic.  “I’ve played basically my whole life.”

This UK transplant by way of parents working at P&G says there is a big need for programs in the inner city. And Robertson says his passion, soccer, can provide lessons to kids in the inner city about teamwork, goal setting, life skills and personal achievement.
“The big goal is to use the sport as a medium,” says Robertson.

Kids in the Kicks for Hope program receive free equipment, uniforms and training about the game of soccer, Robertson explains. He plans to have several donation drives for Kicks for Hope in the next few months, and has the eventual dream of helping teach 1000 kids to play the game and get mentoring along the way, he says.

 “It’s kind of like a big brother, big sister type thing,” he says. “We are working with UGive as well.”

Robertson also told Cincy Chic that the more talented kids will likely get scholarship to play competitively through teams at Kings Sports Academy, where he is the assistant director of soccer operations. Kids who want to be involved are mostly finding out about the program through word of mouth advertising and at their schools, says Robertson. 

Anyone ages 3-17 can be a part of the training, he says, and kids are split up by age group.
“It’s basically just whoever shows up,” says Robertson.

The program runs once a week, and the days vary.

“Kids are always playing soccer all around the world, no matter who they are and they always have a smile on their face,” says Robertson. “So sharing that has been very rewarding for me. It keeps me busy.”


Photographer: Neysa Ruhl
Model: David Robertson

Location: M/I Homes Estates at Shayler Ridge Model Home