Spend Your Greenbacks with These Green Vendors

Spend Your Greenbacks with These Green Vendors

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Paolo Jewelers: Your Jewelry Makeover
Clifton-based Paolo Jewelers is responding to a need to extrude less metal from the Earth
(not to mention skyrocketing gold/silver prices) while recycling old, sentimental or unwanted jewelry with a new initiative: www.yourJEWELRYmakeover.com.


Alternative Motive

Locally designed clothing line supporting non-profits in Cincinnati. Look good, live your beliefs. Limited runs, so get yours while they last.

Nati Evolvement

Brainchild of Cincinnati native Michael Palmer, Nati eco-friendly apparel conveys a pro-Cincinnati message in a youthful and upbeat way.

Good Natured Baby

Greater Cincinnati and Dayton’s only cloth diaper service.

Park + Vine

According to its Web site, Park + Vine offers environmentally friendly and ecologically minded merchandise from suppliers in Cincinnati and elsewhere. Its products range from home furnishings and personal care products to home improvement items, apparel and footwear. Featured product lines minimize the use of natural resources, toxic materials and animal by-products.

Park + Vine encourages people to become more aware of the environmental impacts of their consumption choices, while providing information that enables them to make thoughtful choices as consumers.
Click here or on the play button below to see a Webcast of Dan Korman, owner of Park + Vine.

To celebrate Earth Day 2008, head down to Fountain Square on Tuesday, April 22 and check out this eco-friendly fashion show hosted by Park + Vine that proves going green can be fabulous!


“Supporting local farmers through shopping at a farmers’ market cuts down on the miles your food travels from where it is grown to your plate. The average grocery store’s produce in the United States travels 1,500 miles from the farm to your plate. All of this traveling on freighters, airplanes and trucks takes plenty of fossil fuels. Supporting local farmers means you’ll be using less packaging and shipping materials. It also means you’ll be supporting people who care about their land and water.”
— Cincinnati Farmers’ Markets


Cincinnati Farmers’ Markets

This is a great resource for Cincinnati residents to find the closest farmers market and is an opportunity for less connected markets to gain an Internet presence.


Try some fresh, healthy food from an environmentally conscious business in the heart of downtown.

Findlay Market

Find tasty local food in a historic Over The Rhine setting. 

Cincinnati Locavores

Also known as “localvores,” this group strives to eat from local farmers and producers and shares information about local foods – sources, methods of food preservation, community supported agriculture, co-ops, u-picks, farmers’ markets, herdshares, sustainable agriculture, winter markets, family farms, farmstands, roadside markets, the politics of food, restaurants that use local ingredients, local vineyards and wineries, foraging and more.


The Cincinnati Sign Company

One of the first sign companies around the nation to provide biodegradable banners.

Building Value

If you’re looking for a good deal and an opportunity to give a second life to unique and useful reclaimed building materials, head to Building Value.
Green City EcoStruction

Specializing in green construction and environmentally sustainable building materials.  They are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Marvin’s Organic Gardens

A full-service nursery, landscape design company, retail and garden center located 25 miles north of downtown Cincinnati, in Lebanon. Organic, natural and safe gardening practices are the heart of this company.


Live Green Cincinnati

Aims to inspire, inform and enable change and action to build the momentum of the green movement in Cincinnati.

Ohio Green Living

A collective of individuals, businesses and organizations who are trying to promote green living concepts throughout the region.

Cincinnati Freecycle

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! That’s why this organization is dedicated to reducing waste by connecting people who need things with people who have them.

Buy Cincy

Support the community and the environment: local shopping, local people, local flavor.

Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
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