Chic Spotlight: Cher-Chique Boutique & Beauty Bar Co-Owner, Sarah Cherot

Chic Spotlight: Cher-Chique Boutique & Beauty Bar Co-Owner, Sarah Cherot

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Cincy Chic: When did you officially open Cher-Chique?
Sarah Cherot:
We have been open since end of September 2007. However, we haven’t ever really had an “official” opening. Part of the reason is because we wanted to have a trunk show to incorporate a “real” opening with all the new items we will offer. We now have the trunk show planned for April 26. We will be featuring the clothing line, ecoSkin, which is made from organic cottons and bamboo (and probably the best and most comfortable thing I have put on in a long time) as well as Onna Ehrlich Designer hangbags, Lily Lambert Fragrance, NVEY ECO Certified Organic Makeup and Vada Pure and Natural Skin and Body products. I think people should come because we definitely have an amazing selection of gifts, clothing, jewelry and beauty products that won’t be found anywhere in this area. You’ll also have to see to believe that you don’t have to be “crunchy” to be green – you can go very granola to over-the-top glam with everything in our store, and keep green!

Cincy Chic: Tell us about the building you’re in.
Our building is one of the most unique places I have ever been in, in this area. From what we’ve heard, it was the German National Bank during the 1800s, but more recently the Sapphire Room reception center until about two years ago. The gold leaf paint and ceilings are amazing, and I don’t think people expect to see the changes we have made when they come in, especially those who were familiar with the Sapphire Room.

Cincy Chic: What’s the concept of your store – for now and in the future?
I think we are always going to be an eco-concious type of store, while also offering luxury. The basic concept of the store is that you can be green and still have the things you are used to, such as makeup, skincare, body and hair care, clothing, etc. I love that we have luxury brands, because that definitely sets us apart from the “chain” and health food stores who carry natural and organic brands. All of the items we have are exclusive to us, and that is definitely always something that will be important.
Cincy Chic: Tell us about the demand for green/organic skincare and makeup – nationally and regionally.
It is definitely growing. There are options available in the skincare sector for natural and organic products, but in the cosmetics/makeup sector, it’s very limited. So, many people believe they are using natural and/or organic products, when in fact the products many are using are less than 20 percent natural or organic. Not being negative about the Tri-State area, but it definitely takes some time for things to catch on around here. Organics and naturals are nothing new on the east or west coasts, but with the rise in gas and global warming becoming an everyday conversation piece, people are starting to realize other aspects and how things coincide with one another.

Cincy Chic: Why is the demand for green/organic skincare and makeup skyrocketing?
One thing we have seen an increase in is allergic reactions to chemicals in skincare and/or makeup products – this can be a very minimal reaction (that one might not even notice) to the extreme of breakouts and other skin reactions.

Cincy Chic: Where do you see this demand in 10 years?
I definitely think with the raise in demand over the last three years, we will be on the same path heading forward. People are going to notice the difference of products whether it is food or skincare when going from those that are tainted with chemicals than to ones that are organically pure. I would hope to see more items in the personal care sector become certified organic versus just claiming to be natural or organic. I think the percentages of organics (meaning, what percentage a product is certified to) will become a part of the label as this is becoming an issue with many brands.
Cincy Chic: Why is green/organic skincare and makeup different than traditional skincare and makeup?
Certified organic skincare and cosmetics are in a different category in that they do not contain synthetics, paraben-free, GM-free, SLS free, etc. Bottom line, they don’t have the “junk” and chemicals that cause skin irritations, reactions, breakouts, etc. They are usually more pure and gentle for the skin.

 Cincy Chic: Does it look or feel different?
I can tell you that NVEY ECO actually has a much “lighter” feel than traditionally chemically based products. It’s the skin breathing! But you are definitely not going to sacrifice color or performance with our brand. I can say that from other brands that are “natural” there is usually a lack of performance and color selection, but definitely not with NVEY ECO. NVEY ECO is very highly pigmented (most natural and many chemically based cosmetics are not), which allows the product not only to last longer, but to actually give the consumer the shade they see in the compact on the first use, not layering to get a pink or a white, or whatever color they are using. Same can be said about all of the color items in the line.

Cincy Chic: Which brands do you carry at Cher-Chique and why do you carry those brands? 
We carry NVEY ECO, Certified Organic Makeup and Vada Skincare, and have chosen these brands because of performance and integrity of the company as well as the products. I tested lots and lots of skincare lines, and upon trying Vada and seeing the performance factors, and selection of products, I had to have it. We are currently the only location in the US to be carrying this product line which includes skincare, bath and body, baby care, men’s products, home fragrance sprays, as well as hair care, foot and hand care. This line has something for everyone! And NVEY ECO is a perfect match. If you are going to go organic with your skincare, then you definitely need to follow with an organic makeup…no sense in putting a chemically based foundation on your freshly, organically cleaned skin. I knew I wanted the best of the best in natural/organic beauty products, and these two brands can’t compliment each other any better. We also are incorporating Onna Ulrich handbags and EcoSkin clothing – which again, compliment all of our beauty products in that the EcoSkin clothing line is made from bamboo and organic cottons, but fashionable, not “crunchy,” and if you are going to have an amazing eco-friendly little black dress, you definitely need a vegan crocco bag from Onna Ulrich to top the outfit off.
Cincy Chic: Tell us about the green/organic line that you’re involved with.
NVEY ECO Certified Organic Makeup was actually developed by my partner, Rohan Widdison, in Australia about eight years ago. We partnered up in 2005 to be able to service the North and Central American markets. When I first tried the line in 2005, I will be the first to admit that I was not excited about a natural or organic product. I didn’t have any belief that it would actually work for me. Little did I know how great it would actually turn out. Ever since I first tried the line, I will not go for anything else. I have had my makeup done since without my NVEY ECO products, and I could definitely feel the difference. My skin actually has not only cleared up from using Vada and NVEY ECO, but it feels amazing as well. I recently read an article that stated that the average women “ingests” (via the skin) approximately 51 pounds of product per year. I knew my skin was my “biggest” organ, but after reading that I was not only shocked but glad I started semi-early with a good skincare and cosmetic regimen.

 Cincy Chic: What’s your favorite product at Cher-Chique?
I absolutely LOVE the NVEY ECO, Organic Erase (corrective makeup/concealer) and cannot live without this product!

Cincy Chic: What’s your favorite thing about Covington?
I like the area in which our boutique is situated. It’s completely unique because there aren’t any “chain” stores around. I love any entrepreneurial spirit, and there’s a lot of that ehre! The city is definitely promoting new businesses and helping people find space. There are so many different shops and places to go, and it’s continuing to grow.

Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Location: Gateway Quarter
Model: Sarah Cherot