Fun Bachelorette Ideas

Fun Bachelorette Ideas

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A Sexy Red Siren Theme

Everyone must wear red! Rent a hotel room and cover it in red decorations: streamers, feather boas, big hearts, etc. If it's available, rent a red limo for going to the bars. Even make the stripper wear something red. All drinks must be red: red wine, dye all vodka and gin with red food coloring, red mixers like cranberry juice, etc. If you have food, it must be red too!
– Jamie, Fort Thomas



These are all things that I have or am doing for bachelorette parties:

  • For my friends bachelorette party that I was the maid of honor for we went to Keeneland for the afternoon on a party bus, came back and had dinner that I'd cooked and than went out to the bars. It was a fun time.
  • For an upcoming friends bachelorette weekend we are going to a bed & breakfast in KY for two nights.
  • And several years ago we went to Gatlinburg for a weekend as the bachelorette party. We'd rented a chalet, went shopping, out to dinner and all that fun stuff! Lots of girl bonding time.

– Sarah Black, Taylor Mill, KY

Karaoke! The best place in Cincinnati to Karaoke is Tostados in Tusculum. I know the owner and the entire staff exceptionally well, and could orgainize any Bachelorette parties. I would love to introduce anyone at Cincy Chic to the wonderfull owner and staff of Tostados!
– Kris Cooper, East Walnut Hills, (513) 871-0212

For My Sister's Bachelorette Party we did a paint your own pottery party…we all met at one of those shops and painted pieces for her, she got to pick out what she wanted. We did a Fiesta Theme and had margaritas. Not crazy with penis necklaces..but fun, especially for a second marriage.
– Emily, Pleasant Ridge

You can't go wrong with a shoe party at Shoetopia. For our private parties: We provide the champagne/wine, all attending receive 10% discount, bride-to-be receives 1/3 off one pair. Here's the fine print: Max 20 people, preferably after business hours (although there is some leeway), hors d'oevres are the responsibility of the host (although we have a great list of caterers). E-mail or give a ring at the store (513) 591-SHOE to learn more.
– Jessica, Owner of Shoetopia


Have all the bride-to-be's ex boyfriends there to tell her why she should NOT get married.
– Linda Gambino, Cincinnati