Aurascope: Exercise Your Body and Relax Your Spirit

Aurascope: Exercise Your Body and Relax Your Spirit

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The merits of exercise are proven to prevent chronic health conditions, boost confidence and self esteem, improve mood, manage weight, strengthen the heart and lungs and even bring a spark back into your sex life. Exercise lifts the mind, body and spirit, and when completed, it’s time to relax and finish your regime with the reward of a special massage and/or luxurious bathing experience. Each Aura* color is identified with types of exercise and aromas that are beneficial to maintaining good health, stability and peace.

RED   Engage in exercises that push your body to the limit such as running, jumping, weight lifting or climbing. Anything strenuous will give you the optimum edge you love. You should end your regimen with massage oils, bath salts and lotion of clove, rose or geranium to replenish and balance.

ORANGE Exercise is a lifestyle for you because your work is usually wrapped around some form of exercise. You love to spend extra time climbing, hiking, skiing or engaging in some other exotic sport that tires your muscles. Finish your routine with a bath of sandalwood or jasmine, relaxing you and awakening your senses.

0408OAKLEY.gif MAGENTA   You do not usually like to engage in an exercise routine but you do love to walk and dance. Try signing up for dance classes that offer more regularity to your schedule. Because relaxation is difficult for you, think of applying oils and lotions that awaken your sensuality and pleasure such as floral scents of rose gardenia or damiana oil.

YELLOW – You love the outdoors and may participate in physical activity with partners, so you will have no trouble maintaining an exercise regimen. You go to bed late and get up early, so take time during your busy day to relax and re-energize with oils and lotions. Good choices include peppermint, lemon and lavender.

MENTAL/PHYSICAL TAN You enjoy a schedule or plan that includes weights, swimming, hunting or running and are committed to being healthy in mind, body and spirit. You have self-control and take pride in your vitality. You will stay alert, focused and feel less anxious when relaxing with oils and lotions containing rosemary or carnation.

LOVING/NURTURING TAN Watching others playing sports is your idea of exercise. However, you enjoy community activities, so get up and join a church, work or community sports team. You love surrounding yourself with gentle relaxing fragrances like lavender or rosemary that make you feel at peace.

GREEN You are great at most sports and love to challenge yourself and others, so you will always remain in great shape from golf, soccer, running, tennis, squash, or racquetball. But your love of winning creates great stress and anxiety around you. Relax with some rose and ylang ylang oil and lotion through a good massage to lighten your spirit.

BLUE You would rather sit and talk with your friends and family than engage in a healthy exercise program. It is time to get out and start walking with friends or family and help each other reach healthy goals. Calm your sensitivity and high emotions by bathing with some blue chamomile, eucalyptus or frankincense oils.

0208GIBBERMAN.gif LAVENDER You should consider the wonderful exercise of Pilates that will strengthen your body, mind and spirit or yoga that will not place stress on your body or mind. Engage in massages and wonderful bubble baths to heighten your creative, loving and imaginative side. Lavender and rink rose essences will stimulate and inspire.

INDIGO You love exercise that stimulates your body and your mind because you love to create new challenges and reach new plateaus of strength, power and vitality. You should use jasmine or mint scented oils and lotions to guide your inner vision and heighten your sensory perception after exercising.

VIOLET You should join a workout group or hire a personal trainer to stay on track with your exercise regimen. Since you will not stay with a program unless it is in your schedule, set time aside for relaxation.  Use jasmine, juniper and rose essences very lightly to enlighten and uplift you.

CRYSTAL   Because of your emotional sensitivity, you can be isolated from others. Try Yoga for a healthy mind, body and spirit or take a walk through nature to clear your mind. You love clarity and perfection in work, home and relationships, so relaxing, calming oils and lotions will include white rose and lotus.

* If you have not had an Aura reading, first click here to take the free, two question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).