G’s Spot: Get Your Kicks

G’s Spot: Get Your Kicks

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I had a couple of emails wondering if there are any sports in Cincy that they can get involved in. I’m not sure of any specifics of what they are looking for, but I have the perfect sport for all! Kickball! Yes, I said Kickball! If you're looking to have a good time, consider kickball. It's not just for elementary kids. It's a great opportunity to meet new people, do something unique and get competitive if you so choose. Did I mention that it’s Co-Ed? How much fun can you handle on a weeknight?

I have played (or at least tried to play) several sports in my time. I still play soccer in a women’s league. It is fun and I have been playing for 30 some years. It just isn’t kickball!

Kickball is a blast! The teams are great to play against, and my teammates are the best! The league is played on a baseball/softball diamond. The first two seasons, the ball was much larger than the “old school” ball and was hard for even the guys to kick it out of the infield! Then they went to a ball very much like the ones we used in grade school, for one game. Now it’s a smaller yellow ball that’s a little heavier.

The average age is probably around mid 30s. We have a 19-year-old and some in the mid-upper 40s. Let me tell you this: my (older) sister, who has never played on any organized sport team/league in her life, played the first season and loved it. It was awesome to see her get out there and have fun doing something that she (like most of us old schoolers, I’m sure)hasn’t done in over 30 some years.

So, I recommend this sport to girls, guys, married, single, young, older, athletic and not-so-athletic. This (adult) league is new to the area but so was soccer at one time!

The games are played in Milford at Expressway Park on Tuesday nights most games are between 7pm and 9:30pm start times. The seasons are two months in spring, two in fall. This is one of the best sports that I have played as an adult!

If you are interested in playing, go to www.expresswaypark.com
You can also email me at ggunckle@cincychic.com and I’ll get more information to you.