Aurascope: Which Fashions are Fit for You?

Aurascope: Which Fashions are Fit for You?

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Dressing is not just about wearing the right outfit for the right occasion. It is about obtaining a feeling of comfort and confidence about the clothing that you are wearing, regardless of your body shape or size. Each Aura color personality may be drawn to a certain fashion color and style appropriate for their Aura body type that will make them feel wonderful and complete.

RED – Showcase your height and curves in monochromatic colors that give you a lot of movement. You are very physical throughout the day and into the evening — often without stopping to rest so you need to layer clothing so it can be removed easily to fit your activities. Remember, Red is your power and energy color.
ORANGE – You are usually a sleek, well toned and muscled individual who needs comfortable, movable clothing that is more casual than dressy but can be accessorized to fit in anywhere. You should purchase some of the new lightweight bamboo or breathable fabrics in light colors that you can mix and match.

  MAGENTA – You love fashion, especially very artistic, creative patterns and fabrics. You have great curves for full skirts and pants. (Sometimes you carry weight through your waist and belly because of late night drinking and eating.) You may want to choose some clothing that includes transitional jackets for day to evening and be sure to accessorize.

YELLOW – You have so many different styles of clothing for all of your activities: layered pant outfits with lots of little T-shirts in all the hot fashion colors will take you from work to play without having to change. You are very active and fit, so finding clothing is easy for you. The bright colors for this spring will match your sunny smile.

Fashion eludes you most of the time because you are preoccupied with work, wrapped up in a good book or taking some leisure time for yourself. Shoes and clothing are sturdy and efficient for the work or task at hand. Try to treat yourself to something different and special that makes you feel re-energized.

050508NEWBEGINNINGS.jpgLOVING/NURTURING TAN – Your clothing is often ill-fitting or looks ratty and old, which does not inspire good body image. Love yourself as you love your friends, family and community and shop for some new brightly colored and well-fitting understated clothing. Neutrals work best blended with accents of blue.

You often strive for perfection on the outside and inside. You take great pride in keeping in shape and loving to shop for the latest styles that will not only look good on you, but make you stand out in the crowd. Solids are still your first choice – you are not loud – you just like the best that your money can buy. Name brands or custom made will top your list.

BLUE – You are so sensitive to caring for the needs of others, that you rarely give thought to how your body feels or looks, what your clothing looks like or what is new in the fashion world. It is time to take stock of yourself in front of the mirror, clean out those closets and spend some of your hard earned money on yourself to lift your spirit.

 LAVENDER – You are always on a quest to look better, feel better and find yourself in new ways. Staying fit is important to you and you are able to engage in multiple activities to keep your mind active and creative. Your creativity lends a good eye to shopping for the latest styles and colors. Light, airy, soft colored clothing suits you best.
INDIGO – You are very in touch with your body including how you look physically, how you dress and the impression you make on others. You dress not to impress others, but to help place you in the right emotional or spiritual mindset for the activity at hand. You love different styles and colors and will wear anything well. You can conceal any flaw effortlessly.

VIOLET – You understand the importance of body image and the language of clothing and what it projects to others. You are often involved in leadership activities that will inspire and create respect, so you like to look your best. You will favor traditional clothing that will move you from day to evening such as signature pieces accessorized with jewelry and quality leather shoes and boots that will showcase your great stature.

CRYSTAL – You will analyze your body and its physical or material needs as if you were a physician or scientist. You will be objective, but sometimes too critical about how you look and dress. Lighten up and even change your physical activity so you will not get bored or overly critical. Neutral Gray, White and Black are your signature colors – not to loud – but try adding a touch of color in an accessory for the spring.

If you have not had an Aura reading, first click here to take the free, two question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).