Most Awkward Moments Ever!

Most Awkward Moments Ever!

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I had just started a new job and had to attend and take meeting minutes for a working luncheon board meeting at the Metropolitan Club, full of hoteliers, doctors, lawyers, bankers…top notch executives…you get the picture. The food was delicious, however, I really wasn't sure what I was eating and I was trying to discretely eat and take minutes. Young, naïve and not yet worldly or savvy to the sushi scene, I took a big huge bite all at once of something green. I instantly realized it was an extremely large portion of wasabi to accompany the delicious fish I had been eating. Needless to say, after inhaling it, my mouth was on fire, my eyes and nose starting watering and I am certain those around the table (if they noticed) saw smoke coming out of my ears! I quickly drank my water, as well as my new boss' and tried to regain composure and continue taking minutes in the hopes no one noticed! To this day I think about that every time I enjoy sushi with a just a little wasabi! Very awkward!
– Kim, Newport



I took a vacation day because I was having landline phone issues at home and I needed to wait for the repair man to come. Well, I waited all day and no one came. I called the phone company, where I also work by the way, and told them that I took off the day to wait for the repair man to come. I even remember saying, "You know how important attendance is at our company!" But she apologized and said no one would be able to make it out. So, I figured I'd make the most of my day off and fix a nice dinner for my husband. I even got a little wild and wore a bustier and garter belt to get him in the mood. Right as we're about to sit down for dinner, the doorbell rings. Who is it? A phone repair man from my company! My husband wasn't thinking and invited the repair man into the house, so I dashed for the basement to find something to cover up with. The only thing I had down there was a big, long winter coat. So, when the repair man came  to the basement to fix the phone issue down there, he gave me quite the odd look when he found me hanging out in my winter coat in the dead of warm weather all alone in my basement! 

– Carolyn, East Walnut Hills 



My best friend and I spent the entire afternoon shopping one Friday to get ready to go to the club that night. We were decked out from head to toe! New outfits, new shoes, new makeup, and of course, new sexy thongs that we were so excited about. That night at the club, we had been drinking for a while, so it was time for a bathroom break. When I went to pull down my undies, the string on my thong snapped right off! Well, I had no choice but to throw my new beloved thong in the tiny little garbage can. But since I was wearing a short skirt, I was afraid of what may happen on the dance floor and I let my BFF know I was feeling very uncomfortable about going back out there. And what do best friends do? Anything they have to in order to get you back on the dance floor! So she said no big deal, she'd take hers off too! Only she didn't want to throw it away (it was brand new after all). So (keep in mind we'd been drinking) she asked our best guy friend and DD for the night if he would hold it! He got the joy of having her already worn thong in his pocket the rest of the night, and he kept on reminding us, and everyone else at the bar, about it all night! The next morning my friends now sober face turned bright red when he gave them back to her. The three of us look back and crack up at that night; it's one of many to remember!
– Kristen, Westwood



One day at work I was slammed and I asked a co-worker to take on a little of my work. I apologized for asking her to do that, and she jokingly quoted "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" and said, "Nonsense poopy pants. I'm happy to help any time." Well, later that day, our office manager sent an e-mail to the women in the office reprimanding us for having a messy bathroom. So, I forwarded the HR manager's e-mail to that same co-worker and said "Looks like they found my poopy pants!" But just as I hit the send button, I realized that I accidentally selected the wrong person in my email address book. Instead of sending it to that co-worker, I sent it to one of our company's board members! After sweating a bucket of bullets, I wrote the board member an e-mail to apologize. Shortly thereafter she responded, saying "Don't worry, I already printed it out and showed everyone in my office. Thanks for the laugh!"
– Amy, Price Hill



I don't know if this is more funny or gross but it was definitely awkward. Last spring I ended up with this guy on what turned out to be a date, though it wasn't supposed to be and I had no romantic interest in him. He'd apparently shaved right before meeting me and had forgotten to take off the bandaid that was covering a cut. At the end of a couple hours of strained conversation, he grabbed me in this horrible embrace and kissed me hard on the mouth, during which time his bandaid came half loose and was laying on my cheek! When I pulled away the bandaid was wagging on his chin and only then did he realize he'd left it on! He tried to pull it off nonchalantly and apologize but I could tell he was mortified.
– Dorian, Camp Washington


Mine was beyond awkward. I lived in Iowa a few years back and decided, with a friend, to get involved in our new town. We joined an extra curricular organization and at one of their events, I was introduced to the organization's president. I said "Hi! When is the baby due?" She said the words we all dread: "I'm not pregnant." I vowed never to ask that question again unless I see the baby physically leaving the womb!
– Kathi, NKY



Shortly before graduation, some of my girlfriends played a prank on me and put a fake love note on my favorite male teacher's (whom I had a big crush on) desk from me to him. I intercepted it, but I'm not sure if he saw it or not. Then, a few weeks after graduating, I was purchasing underwear with my mom at Walmart. Awkward enough, but what would you know, that same teacher was also checking out at the register next to us! Super awkward!
– Laura, Loveland