Socializing over Sofas

Socializing over Sofas

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Usually when you have a social gathering, the furniture serves its purpose for seating your guests and holding your drinks and hors d’oeuvres, but Bova Contemporary Furniture, located in Symmes Township, Ohio, makes furniture front and center at its social events.


Bova works with local people and businesses to bring unique events to current and potential customers, Co-owner Rooney Mangat says. One such event was an art showing in the furniture showroom. Bova welcomed a local artist who has a gallery in the Pendleton Center, so party goers could enjoy some cheese and wine as they perused the artwork and contemporary furniture after regular store hours, Mangat says. 0609LPC_INSTORY.jpg


Bova also brings in manufacturers to promote their product in a party atmosphere. The Norwegian company Ekornes came in for a Norway-themed event with Norwegian salmon and wine, Mangat says. But you can grab some friends and have your own Norwegian party in the continual Ekornes gallery at Bova.


The Norwegian gallery gives a nod to Bova’s beginnings as a Scandinavian furniture store. Throughout its 25 years of business, Bova has evolved and expanded into a contemporary furniture store, which features “lighter, more functional and more efficient” furnishings, Mangat says. Through its evolution, Bova became non-exclusive to the Swedens, Denmarks, Norways and Finlands of the world. 



If you like the Scandinavian furniture flair, however, you can find more in the Jesper gallery in Bova, which features designs from Denmark. If you’d like to head a little further south in Europe, though, you could also enjoy an Italian getaway in Bova’s Calligaris gallery, which features multiple rooms by this 0609agricola_INSTORY.gifItalian contemporary furniture company. 



Whether snuggling up on a Norwegian sofa or curling up in an Italian bed, Bova always offers some cuddly company with a couple golden retrievers. At least two of the dogs are always in the showroom, but you could find as many as four sets of puppy eyes and wagging tails ready to greet you at the door. So even when no event is scheduled for after hours, you could have an eventful afternoon by socializing with a couple of Bova’s loyal friends.


While Bova’s events are open to the public, people on the Bova’s mailing list receive notices and invitations to the events. To sign up for the mailing list or to learn more about this family-owned business, visit the store in the Harpers Station shopping center or call (513) 247-9100.




Photographer: Neysa Ruhl Photography
Models (left to right): Irvetta McMurtry and Kim Lyon
Location: The McAlpin