Aurascope: Which Boutiques are Right for You?

Aurascope: Which Boutiques are Right for You?

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Fashion, art and design choices can connect the mind and body connection with our Aura* to the type of selections that we make and our favorite places to shop.

Some of us prefer small boutiques specializing in a certain style of clothing, home décor and art, and accessories or that showcase haute couture brands. Others may prefer shopping in larger boutiques or department stores that offer a diversified selection of clothing. There are even boutiques now that carry slightly used clothing, shoes, accessories and home furnishings that appeal to many people because of their discounted prices. Here are some of the preferences of each Aura color personality.

RED – You love a lot of color, movement and style in your clothing, art, accessories and home furnishings. You prefer to make big and bold statements and love to change your appearance and furnishings often. You are frugal, so you will look for bargains that give you the unusual and often changing look that you desire.

ORANGE – You favor shopping for the very best comfortable, movable clothing. Your style is more casual than dressy and you like shopping for your favorite equipment at a large sporting goods store. You will0608AURA.jpg spend more on clothing and equipment than art or household furnishings. You will acquire art, accessories and furnishings during your many travels at specialty stores.

MAGENTA – You love fashion, especially artistic, creative patterns and fabrics in everything you wear and that surrounds you in your home. You love to shop endlessly in specialty boutiques for clothing, jewelry and home furnishings. You change your look often and may run out of money with your constant purchasing. Try to include shopping at specialty discount stores.

YELLOW – You love to shop, both expensively and inexpensively, and possess an eclectic mix of clothing, art, accessories and furnishings. You love to entertain, so you are constantly shopping for dishes, tablecloths, gifts, etc. to use or give to others. You prefer large shopping areas where everything is at your fingertips. You tend to buy both impulsively and compulsively. Every once in a while, stop and clean out those closets!

Fashion eludes you most of the time because you are preoccupied with work or wrapped up in a good book, movie or museum. Your shoes, clothing, art, accessories and furnishings are sturdy and efficient for the work or task at hand. You rarely like to shop, except on the internet, or when a sale is announced at a favorite store. You will not step out and just walk the mall or seek out a boutique.

Your clothing and furnishing are often ill-fitting and look old, broken or worn out. Love yourself and family by taking everyone shopping at a large mall where everyone can purchase new clothing and accessories for body and home. Everyone will feel renewed in spirit and look fabulous and you will enjoy coming home to some comfortable and beautiful new furnishings.

0608TRINA.gif GREEN – You often strive for perfection in your choice of fashion that you wear and art and furniture in your home. You love shopping specialty boutiques that showcase artistic, colorful, expensive and unique clothing, art and home furnishings. You will spend time and money acquiring the right look and feel of everything that surrounds you.

BLUE – You are so sensitive and caring for the needs of others, that you rarely give thought to how your clothing fits or looks, what is new in the fashion world, and what is needed to complete your home. You really hate shopping by yourself and since you have no idea what the latest trends are, take a good friend with you to one place that will fit both your needs. You will tire easily if faced with too many choices.

LAVENDER – You are always on a quest to look better, feel better and find yourself in new ways. Your creativity lends a good eye to shopping for the latest styles and colors, fabrics and designs for home and for your body. You have great flair, much like a top designer, to mix and match from different boutiques and bring it all together into a fabulous look.

INDIGO – You are intuitively in touch with how to dress, how to decorate and where to purchase quality and you impress others with your fabulous choices. You dress and design not to impress others, but to help place you in the right emotional or spiritual mindset for the activity at hand. You love to shop globally and hand pick each personal item with pleasure.

You understand the importance of image and the language clothing, art, accessories and furnishings project to others. You are often involved in leadership activities that will inspire and create respect, so you look your best as does everything around you. You favor traditional purchasing from stores that have good quality and reputations. You purchase for long lasting endurance.
CRYSTAL – You analyze your body and your physical or material needs as if you were a physician or scientist. You will be objective, but sometimes too critical about how you dress, and how much you spend on your clothing and accessories. You are as critical and minimal about your art and home furnishings, and tend to shop for unique objects for the home from boutiques. You tend to have favorite stores to shop for personal items so that you don’t have to spend too much time or thought over choices.

*If you have not had an Aura reading, first click here to take the free, two-question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).