Aurascope: Fine Tune Your Female Intuition

Aurascope: Fine Tune Your Female Intuition

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We are all intuitive to various degrees. Our “women’s intuition” or psychic ability is actually one of the additional senses that we are born with beyond the accepted five senses of taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing. I believe there are three additional senses that we all possess: common sense, intuitive or psychic sense and spiritual sense. However, throughout our lives we forget to nurture and use these additional senses. Each Aura color has its own set of personality characteristics that will encourage and heighten psychic awareness and ability. Some Aura colors can tap into psychic ability more easily due to their unique personality qualities — so peruse your Aura color direction and improve your psychic ability today.
RED – Your Red Aura is the grounding color for all psychic, emotional and physical needs. The Red Aura stands for courage, strength, vitality and self-confidence. Place Red in front of your eyes. You can even visualize Red or actually hold it in the form of jewelry, writing tool (ink, specifically), or wearing it as clothing, and then focus your will and mind on the outcome of a question or action. You can literally “move” your thoughts and actions forward to making future decisions a reality.

Your Orange Aura emits a life energy that is physically, emotionally and mentally charged with confidence, happiness and visual imagery. Place Orange in front of your eyes, especially in the form of common products such as orange fruit, carrots, mangoes and peaches and you will feel creativity streaming through your body, soul and mind. Focus on the visual place or outcome of your desire and you will be sure to eventually reach your summit.

 MAGENTA – Your Magenta Aura creates an explosion of vision, creativity and action. This color is so hot to touch and see that it is almost blinding to the delicate eye. It will take very small amounts of this beautiful but outrageous pink in front of your eyes to feel like you have been struck with a bolt of lightening. You will be both renewed and energized and able to visualize and actually see your future accomplishments. You will make them happen with little effort.
YELLOW – Your Yellow Aura is the center of the self, consciousness of universal life and spiritual wisdom. It is one of the easiest colors to feel and visualize; all you have to do is think or feel the sun surrounding you, then bring your hands to your Solar Plexus area (around your belly button). You will immediately feel warmth and joy, and then you will be able to “gut feel” and visualize a future desire or outcome. Most of your accurate intuitive ability will deal with social interactions – at work, play or home.

MENTAL/PHSYICAL TAN – Your Mental/Physical Tan Aura will create a strong physical and mental connection to a vision, intuition and an outcome. You will be able to project a future outcome step-by-step and will actually move simultaneously to make the outcome happen. You will be tempted to move others out of the way and work independently. You can become fixated on the steps at times because you keep moving forward. Keep a list with you that include the original vision, steps, methodology and outcome.

LOVING/NURTURING TAN – You are capable of tapping into your intuitive and psychic ability naturally because you interact with so many human energies throughout the day. You will physically, emotionally and mentally touch people in your workplace, home and social environment so often that you will begin to think, talk and even act like co-workers, friends and family. Focus on anyone that you want to help through a difficult situation; you will be able to see and share outcomes.0408OAKLEY.gif

 GREEN – You know how to both create and execute visions of success around yourself and others. That is why people will be drawn to you and even are jealous at times of your abilities. You see and embrace challenges in a very physical sense, and you are able to sense the “green” result: money and success. Because you are often very quick to see and understand numeric values, you can even amplify your intuitive sense by working more with financial ventures.

BLUE – Your Aura is usually full of calming, cooling, sensitive understanding of touch and feelings. You always have too many family and friends who will try to tap into and pull from your intuitive energy, so focus on one person at a time for clear perspectives. Make sure you take time for yourself, away from everyone, to renew your personal energy and clarifying and comforting visions. You are a natural healer whose touch can become enabling at times for others.

LAVENDER – You will be able to tap into your intuitive abilities quite easily; your favorite pastime is to dream and visualize what you want in your future. You are quite capable of forecasting specific time, places and relationships. Unfortunately, you are not likely to follow through with a plan of action without focus. Try to focus, recreate the visions and write those visions on paper and then execute quickly.
 INDIGO – You will need no guidance tapping into your intuitive/psychic abilities. Already, you are a total humanistic, conceptual, artistic, and inter-dimensional being. You are able to feel, see, create and do. Do not be afraid to vocalize and/or demonstrate your thoughts; your visions and actions are actually so impressive that everyone will be in awe of you. Remember, you will need “crash” time because your mind and visions work in overdrive.

 VIOLET – You blend your natural idealism with your insight and clairvoyance to plan and project world peace and success. You feel and understand your extra sensory perception and you have used and will continue to use this great inner vision to understand and help others. Continue to believe in your strong feelings and visions; others are listening to you and know you are powerful and can get others to follow and make lasting change.

CRYSTAL – You are able to balance and harmonize your entire physical body, mind and spirit due to your strong psychic energy. Close your eyes and you will be able to focus on the health of your body by clearing your mind and seeing and feeling each part of your inner being. Your clear crystal energy will be able to focus on others health as well and understand and aid in the practice of wellness, mind and body healing and growth.