Chic Spotlight: City Council Hopeful PG Sittenfeld

Chic Spotlight: City Council Hopeful PG Sittenfeld

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Somewhere between a civic meeting and endless fundraising, PG Sittenfeld worked in a lunch with me at the BonBonerie Tea room last month. It was his suggestion. He told me he likes Cincinnati’s local places, and that’s one of his favorite ones. When the waitress placed our orders, he opted for the tuna sandwich.


He also showed up wearing a Vote PG button. These days, it’s probably as essential as a tie.


"My interest is in the health of the whole city," Sittenfeld says of his campaign as a whole. He says, above all, he’s running as someone who is willing to hear every side of an argument. "People want someone who is moderate, thoughtful, sensible, and who listens to all sides," he tells Cincy Chic. "I will always be a consensus builder."


Sittenfeld’s a born and bred Cincinnatian. He graduated Seven Hills High School, went on to Princeton, and then to Oxford. In fact, education is one of his core campaign causes. After graduation, he worked at Google, and saw some of his writing appear on The Huffington Post. Right now, he’s Assistant Director at the Community Learning Institute.


That is, of course, when he’s not campaigning. He admits that is a job itself.


PG comes from a family of high achievers, and he has not fallen far from the tree. One of his sisters is noted author Curtis Sittenfeld, and the other is an environmental activist. His father is investment advisor Paul Sittenfield, while his mother is on the faculty at Seven Hills School.


PG is the youngest in his family, and says he’s very close to them. "I see my parents probably five times a week," he says.


He also told me that his parents never forced him to achieve any kind of pre-determined plan. Instead, they encouraged him to find his own way. "It was much more expectation than pressure," he says. "Find out what you are passionate about and then throw yourself into it."


As of this writing, PG has 4,606 friends on Facebook. And he says, he has met most of them. He told me his large Facebook friend count is really an exercise in networking, and reflective of the travel he likes to do when he has the time.


Some other random facts? One of his favorite places to eat is Skyline Chili. PG likes to go for a long run when he has the time. Most of his life is tightly scheduled, and he sleeps about six hours a night.


And ladies, he’s single. The campaign for City Council is his girlfriend right now. "I don’t have a normal life," he says. "But this is fun. I am having the time of my life. I get to meet and see more things than anyone in the city."


Check out the webcast below to learn more about PG, his campaign and what he loves about the city.