Focusing on Framester

Focusing on Framester

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Smile! You’ve been framed! From weddings to non-profit events, creative director David DeWitt and co-founder Adam Kleshinski have done it all.


It all started with a social photography experiment DeWitt worked on. He’s since been developing it for several months – originally referred to it as the "Photobooth by David DeWitt" – into the now polished, popular and commercially available, Framester.


Photography itself has been up-and-coming in the creative world for the past several years. More and more photographers are going beyond the standard landscape photo and gravitating toward the unexpected scene and spontaneous photojournalism style. Mix in a demand for instant gratification and the fun of social media sharing, and you have Framester.


Framester takes this creative trend by the lens and creates custom backdrops, props and photobooths for events. The photos are taken "on-demand" by participants in the photobooth, as the camera is operated by a remote control. The photos are later uploaded to the client’s Web site or Facebook page to boost web traffic or social media interaction.


"At Framester, we strive to create a product that encapsulates the philosophy that life is a series of moments. These moments are ephemeral, and within each lies the potential for human spontaneity, creativity and connection," says the Framester Facebook fanpage. "We love seeing people come out of their shells, step into the limelight, and show their character with the confidence that it’s something beautiful."


The greatest thing about Framester is its uniqueness. All Framester photo or video booths are unique and different from the next. When a Framester booth is created, it is based on the event’s theme, hosts and/or attendees. It then takes its shape through Framester’s creative eye.


You can contact Framester for your next event on their Web site, where you can find out their prices and book your next one-of-a-kind Framester experience for your next big occasion. You can also "like" their Facebook fanpage and discover the Framester way of capturing the moment by looking in their "Best of Framester" album.


Framester also allows your company to leave its mark by incorporating your company logo or merchandise in the photos. By using the latest advances in social media technology, Framester enhances the party experience for your guests along with your company’s desired brand exposure.


As Framester puts it "It’s your world, we’re just Framing it." And that is just what they do, one Framester picture at a time.