Aurascope: Finding the Right Philanthropy for You

Aurascope: Finding the Right Philanthropy for You

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Volunteering can be one of the most gratifying and fun forms of work that you can do during your lifetime. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to change the lives of many people, including your own, and you can make that difference in an area that is of interest to you. I believe it is our obligation to share our blessings whether they be wealth, health, teaching or healing with those less fortunate. Volunteering is known to heal the mind, body and spirit which are the very essence of our Auras!* Here are some good volunteering choices for each of your Aura colors.

RED – You are physically strong and very passionate about work and play. You work well independently or with others, so either engage in some one-on-one mentoring in a neighborhood clean-up project or gather together with a group to help rebuild that neighborhood. Habitat for Humanity can use your strength and capabilities.0608AURA.jpg

You are passionate about exploring and overcoming the physical environment. Try joining the National Forestry project to clean and rebuild streams and forests. You would also most certainly enjoy an ecological challenge abroad or training athletes in impoverished countries.

 MAGENTA – You are an expressive, artistic individual who can create something from nothing. You should help other women in emerging societies realize their own creativity and help them bring their ideas to fruition and monetary success to their communities. You love to voice your opinion and both show and teach others how to verbalize and create.

YELLOW – You are socially minded, loving and engaging and put people at ease so quickly when you are in their presence. Your sunny disposition appeals to both children and adults, so you would be perfect teaching manners, social graces and literacy classes to those in desperate need, especially our new immigrants.

You are a thinker and doer with great leadership ability. There are many volunteer efforts that would benefit from your expertise as a policy innovator, research and grant writer, natural resource advisor or helper or perhaps as a Smithsonian Guide. You offer warmth and knowledge to any project or group.0208GIBBERMAN.gif

You are a community activist, so gather your family and friends to volunteer in an environmentally friendly project to clean up your community or to rally around a politically sensitive issue and pass out literature. You will also improve your community by volunteering in your school’s programs.

GREEN – You represent love, prosperity and success. It is time to dedicate your time and money to a worthy cause that will improve financial opportunities for the less fortunate in your community by initiating a scholarship to further literacy and education. Your financial expertise will be greatly appreciated on many local boards.
You are a highly sensitive, caring and loving individual and you love to care for people and animals alike. You have many choices and interests that make it difficult for you to choose a volunteer path so try a little of everything. Volunteer at an animal shelter, homeless shelter, battered women’s shelter, or become a Big Sister.

LAVENDER – You have a gentle, creative spirit that can be very uplifting to others. You should use your abilities of singing, writing, dancing and painting as a volunteer in your local schools, art centers and even senior homes. Children, adults and elderly will love your soft touch and voice of encouragement.

INDIGO – You need to share your intuition, wisdom and leadership qualities with many. You can teach by guiding and encouraging and open new paths of success by demonstration. You ultimately build strength and hope through your words and praises. You are a great mentor and will volunteer often.

VIOLET – You want to make the world a better place for others, and you want to lead others to make better choices to ensure health, wealth and prosperity throughout the world. Volunteer at the helm of one organization where you can develop and teach and pass on all the tools to ensure future success.

 CRYSTAL – You are a natural healer who may often choose to volunteer in a health related field. You would be great delivering medicines and food staples to home bound individuals or to villages and people that have survived a disaster. You could also easily volunteer with a local Hospice organization. You heal and give hope to others.

*If you have not had an Aura reading, first click here to take the free, two-question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).