Girlfriend Get-Together Ideas

Girlfriend Get-Together Ideas

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063008SOCIAL.jpgCarrie still has Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. Rachel had Phoebe and Monica. And no matter who’s currently on “The View,” it’s all about girlfriends.

Women have been gathering together forever because we need our girlfriends. We draw so much energy and creativity when we’re in the company of other creative women, and we can multiply the fun and friends with a girlfriend group!


Among the many benefits of a posse of female friends are: 

  • You always have a girlfriend to call when you have a free evening and want to spend time with a friend.
  • Girlfriends are a well of advice and support.
  • You can celebrate birthdays and special events together – which makes them even more special.
  • You instantly have a support group for whatever life brings your way.
  • You never have to cry or laugh alone!  


 0208GIBBERMAN.gifYou’d be amazed at what spending one evening laughing, sharing, caring and just being with your girlfriends will do for you.


The first step to creating your group is picking an interest, whether it be reading, cooking, wine or whatever you happen to enjoy. Next, get between eight and 10 friends together. You want the group to be big enough to have lively discussions but still small enough to be manageable. Step outside of your comfort zone and maybe invite a couple of people that you know casually, who you may not necessarily be friends with at the moment. One of the reasons for starting a club is to strengthen bonds with those we already know and to get to know new people.


The venue for club meetings is inconsequential. The person hosting the meeting could have the meetings at their home or at a restaurant. Depending on the type of club, the meetings could take place in various settings. For instance, if your book club is reading The DaVinci Code, you could have the meeting at your local museum. Be creative and have fun with it!


The one thing that everyone in your club should have in common is their passion for the subject matter at hand but not everyone has to have the same level of zeal. Usually you have one person in particular who is the catalyst for the group forming in the first place, and that person will probably have the most excitement for keeping the group going. That may also be the person who has the0408OAKLEY.gif most knowledge in the subject matter. Make sure that all participants are at least enthusiastic about the subject. The more that people learn, the more they will add to it themselves. 


It can be difficult to work out the schedules of many of people. Have a designated person to be the point person or the organizer. E-mail is a great tool for arranging schedules. Unless your club is a cooking club, it’s not always necessary to have meals prepared for your meetings. It can be very stressful for hosts to be responsible for feeding a group of people along with their families and work obligations. Instead have each person bring something to share or perhaps have simple snacks and beverages or a dessert or two. Something that is always fun and creative is to tie in a theme that fits. For instance if your book club is reading Cane River, the host could choose to prepare a creole recipe to help conjure up the setting of the book. 


 Producing a fun time and getting to know people more thoroughly is the point in starting or joining any club, no matter what the subject matter. Some women may come and go in your group, and that’s OK. Female friendships reduce stress so don’t let a change in the group bring that back! We all learn so much from our girlfriends and finding new girlfriends opens us up to even more friendships and lessons. Enjoy your girlfriends, especially in groups!


0608AURA.jpgGirlfriend Group Ideas – You can start: 


  • Crafty Girlfriends Group: Gather a group of all beaders or knitters, paper crafters or scrapbookers – or mix it up so every woman has a different hobby. Work on your projects together or teach each other. Inspire each other with your creativity!
  • Book Club: Open to fiction, nonfiction, romantic novels or mysteries? Read and discuss whatever you and your girlfriends prefer.
  • Yoga/Exercise Group: Take a class or do a yoga video together. Maybe meet weekly to walk (and talk!). Get healthy and have fun with your girlfriends!
  • Gourmet Girls: Love to cook? Find other culinary creators and plan a meal together on a regular basis. Set a theme and assign a course or dish to each girlfriend.
  • Mommy’s Club: Need some adult conversation? Want a friend who understands what it’s like to be a Mom? Start a support group of Mothers. Meet at a mall and walk or set up play dates so you can talk to your girlfriends. It will make you a better Mommy too!
  • Community Leaders: Gather a group of women who want to make Cincinnati better and find a way to do so. Volunteer together or practice random acts of kindness in your neighborhood. Make the world and your community a better place!
  • Adventurer’s Club: Try a new restaurant or go to a new cultural venue each month. Plan a day trip together or a weekend retreat. Go places you’ve never gone before…but go with your girlfriends!
  • Investor’s Group: Want to take control of your finances? Join together with friends to learn more about money and investments. Read a book on women’s investment clubs to get started. Enjoy saving and growing your money together.
  • Women Entrepreneurs: Have or starting your own business? Talking with other women in the same situation is a great way to grow your business and seek advice and support from other women entrepreneurs.



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