Aurascope: What Drives Your Decor Decisions?

Aurascope: What Drives Your Decor Decisions?

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Your personal color energy defines and impacts your personality. You can empower and maximize that energy through your living space. Your living space includes the location and structure of real estate and choice of color, texture and design of interior spaces and furniture. Color, texture and design will help others see, feel and understand you as you want to be seen and heard. Showcase your personal strengths through color and design and you and others will feel welcome and comfortable.

RED — Showcase your passion, strength and resourcefulness through the use of bold blocks of yellow, green and, of course, red with an accent wall and/or furniture cushions. Sturdy furniture of dark wood and/or leather will welcome trust and solidarity. Adding a sculpture will say, “I am empowered to succeed and prosper. Real Estate will be a solid investment with successful gains each time you move.

You love to show your passion for adventure, so use brightly colored frames to showcase pictures and artifacts of places and events from all of your travels to inspire conversation and positive connection. Choose furniture that is not overly stuffed and is framed with some black and gold to 0608AURA.jpginspire emotion and energy. Your home should be large enough to hold all of your travel mementos because you will not move, only travel.

 MAGENTA — You should showcase your outrageous yet creative ability and go with a wild mix of multiple colors, textures and experimental art forms. Your home should be contemporary both inside and out with large, unadorned window space overlooking the city of your choice or your garden fantasy.

YELLOW — Your high energy, love, joy and ability to get along with others is simply enhanced by choice of home, furniture and d√©cor. You are eclectic, so use neutral to yellow-based colors and lightweight furniture that can easily be moved to accommodate conversational areas in your comfortable, well-used home. Books, games and serving bowls abound all over your home to use for frequent parties.

MENTAL/PHYSICAL TAN —You will fill your traditionally styled home with sturdy, functional furniture. Your walls may be filled with books and/or maps instead of traditional wall coverings of paint or paper. Add a feeling of welcome and comfort to your home by using soft brown leathers or textures in your cushioned furniture Also, green plants inspire a feeling of family orientation and good health. Windows should look out on well-planned gardens.
You naturally draw people to your home because of your community activism. Clutter abounds, but showcase events, issues and awards with 0408OAKLEY.gifbrightly colored frames that will become talking points for guests. Furniture should be textured and light-bright colors such as turquoise, yellow and green and overstuffed for comfort. Keep your office door open so others can see how organized you are!

GREEN — You love to showcase your perfect home and perfect hosting skills and will watch people for their reactions and hope they voice their approval of your design choices. You will choose the best of everything and often use the latest professional decorator to carry out your design wishes. Dark woods, mostly antique mixed with the most recent contemporary designs, will be covered with lush, expensive and rich colors. Art will be hand-picked and important conversational pieces.

BLUE – Your home will reflect family values, care and compassion for others. You will have “stuff” everywhere. Although your space will feel messy and disorganized to others, you will have a wonderful story to share about each piece of furniture, picture and book. Your home is older and may be in need of continuous repair, but you love your space.
You should show your creativity by filling your home with lovely pastel colored furniture, art and accessories. Overstuffed furniture seats and recliners should be in pinks, lavenders, grays and silvers. You may want some interactive, moveable art that your guests can work and talk through. Your ultra-modern home should include whimsical yard art.

INDIGO — You are bold, independent and protective of your space. You are a deep thinker and planner which is reflected0208GIBBERMAN.gif in your choice of design. Massive units of well-made dark woods will suit your strong minded nature. Colors should include scarlet reds, golds and purples used in antique rugs and textured, overstuffed seating fabrics. Your home will be traditional and elegant both outside and in each room.

VIOLET – Your home is your castle. It is old and regal with the understated beauty of dark wood and antiques of old silver and gold. You use a wonderful blend of dark and light silk fabrics that envelop your guests with sensations of warmth and richness. Art may be a blend of old masterpieces or new modern, important statements. You will recognize and appreciate the superior wisdom, knowledge and prosperity that envelops you and its impact on others.

CRYSTAL — You know how to showcase your intellect, independence and spirituality in your home that inspires great confidence in you by others. You like clean, sharp lines in your decorating choices and may use metals (both in furniture and art), mirrors, lucite, white cloth for furniture covers and carpets. Your home may sometimes feel too sterile to others but will feel clean, neat and orderly to you. Your home exterior may vary from brick to stucco to ultra modern, but be sure to have lots of windows.