Six Sizzling Date Ideas

Six Sizzling Date Ideas

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"How about dinner and movie?" he might ask.

"Oh, I’d love to," you respond.

But, really? Wouldn’t you be more excited if your guy came up with something original, rather than the standard dinner and a movie date?

Dates can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be. You decide. If you’re planning the date, step outside the dinner and a movie box and explore your options.

Pack a Picnic

Plan a simple picnic dinner in Eden Park and then try some stargazing at the Observatory in Hyde Park. Visit the Observatory’s Web site for a schedule of their events at: Or if you really want to shine in his eyes, buy him his very own star from the International Star Registry site.

Add a French Twist

Invite your date over for French cuisine. Greet your dinner guest at the door with the sound track from the movie Amelie playing, candles twinkling and flowers sitting on the table. Of course, you’ll be wearing your black lace skirt as you put the finishing touches on a dish from the French Food and Cook site at: End his trip to “Paris-dise” with a French kiss.

Walk It Off

If international cooking isn't your thing, simply take a walk. Drive to your favorite neighborhood, park the car and walk up and down the block. Stop in the neighborhood sandwich shop. Take it a step further and visit your childhood home for a literal walk down memory lane. O’Bryonville in Cincinnati or Ft. Thomas in Northern Kentucky are great for walking. Both of these neighborhoods are a mixture of lovely homes and quaint shops.

Searching for Love in All the Right Places

Surprise your date with a scavenger hunt. And you’re the find. He may be a little unnerved when it’s not you that answers his knock at your door. But he’ll soon get over it when he gets his first clue on where to find you. Don’t make it too complicated. You don’t want him to give up before he finds you. I had a friend answer my door; give my date a beer and his first clue. That led him to agents 007 and 008 stationed at a local restaurant. They took their assignment very seriously. In dark sunglasses, they met my date and directed him to his final destination.

Turn up the Heat

If you really can’t break away from the movie date, at least add a little spice to the evening. Make it a red-hot dinner date. Invite your guy over for some 5 Alarm Chili and heat it up by making the dress code red. Grab those red stilettos from the closet and get cooking. After dinner, keep the fire burning and watch the movie "Towering Inferno."

Break a Sweat

For exercise fanatics, going for a bike ride, canoeing or playing badminton could be your answer. Theme dates are easy to do once you get going. The possibilities are endless. But remember. Figuring out what to do on a date isn't nearly as hard as finding the right date. So if you make it to step one, make step two count. Sure you can do dinner and a movie sometimes, but don’t make it the norm.