Aurascope: Energy for Time Management

Aurascope: Energy for Time Management

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Time management requires essential skills using a combination of love logic, technique and organization all of which will foster effective personal growth and achievement. You can achieve more with your time when you recognize and solve any time management problems. Good time management skills will help you take control of your life, space, stress and energy levels that will lead to maintaining a healthy balance between work, your personal and family life.

RED – You love engaging in sports and/or healthy physical activities with your family, friends and co-workers. You are also passionate about working overtime, and often, to physical exhaustion. 0608AURA.jpgPrioritize work and play order, and be patient with those who do not move as quickly as you. You can enjoy it all – maybe not all in one day.

ORANGE – You are a risk taker and a sports enthusiast; your high-spirited emotions and passion for travel and exotic sports encumber most of your time commitments. Have a detailed planner several years forward so that you can detail and sort out your travel plans so they don’t interfere with daily life, and so you can give notice to all in advance.

 MAGENTA – You are a creative manager of time. You get bored easily, so you won’t be patient for working long hours, and will find a way throughout your day for trips to the art gallery, painting classes or ballet classes. Stay focused at work so you can finish early – you love having the flexibility to change your mind and try something new.

YELLOW – You are energetic and love to participate in multiple activities and social events with family, friends and co-workers. Make sure you are the keeper of the calendar of all family or work events because you are organized and detail everything – date, time and place – for all to see and enjoy.

MENTAL/PHYSICAL TAN – You tend to be more serious about time management with family, 0408OAKLEY.giffriends and co-workers and love to “preach” organization techniques through teaching, leading and showing others how to achieve and be responsible for their actions. You also like to communicate about the consequences of procrastination.

LOVING/NURTURING TAN – Your even-tempered nature and commitment to family and community are admirable qualities; however, you are sometimes forgetful or lax with time-related commitments. Carry a PDA that keeps track of all your activities or hire a great assistant to call with reminders.

 GREEN – You demonstrate the art of success through successful time management skills. You know how to organize, make quick decisions and delegate responsibility to others. You teach honesty and integrity, but sometimes carry perfectionism too far. Reap your rewards and balance your hard work with healthy laughter and fun.

BLUE – Your sensitivity, wisdom and abundance of love generate wonderful friends and family that surround you. However, you often lack discipline with time management and will forget to deposit funds to pay bills, be at home to meet a repair person on time, or meet someone for lunch or dinner. Keep track with a notebook or calendar close by.
LAVENDER – Your strength and pleasure comes through fantasy and use of your imagination. Time management is not a word in your vocabulary – unless it’s a deadline for a spa treatment or show. Even though you like to paint and write, you will not follow your own directions – so you need vocal reminders from a friend or family member.

 INDIGO – You are multitalented and extremely intelligent and intuitive and use a combination of your mind, body and spirit to prioritize, organize and engage in all of your pursuits. You always make time for anything and everything that is important to you at any given moment in time. You waste no time, unless it was planned.

VIOLET – You will use a strong, opinionated style of time management. You have a strong commitment to teaching others the art of time management and the ills of procrastination. You will teach pride in the priority of making the world a better place for all and expect others to dedicate time, their skills and money to healing causes.

CRYSTAL – You are a natural healer and teacher, and you are effective with your time management. You should guide others through organization classes that will help them save time and energy so they can engage in community spirit, compassion and a commitment to taking care of others less fortunate.