Attent-ion! Sites Support Local Soldiers

Attent-ion! Sites Support Local Soldiers

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To help American soldiers serving overseas — as well as to aid their families at home a number of organizations have set up Web sites to allow people to contribute money, material or just their thoughts and prayers.


If you have a friend or family member in the military and are looking for a way to reach out and speak with others who can understand your hardship, you can start by going to


 This site will connect you with virtually every military support site imaginable. Whether you wish to join0208GIBBERMAN.gif a Christian military support site, a site particularly for wives and girlfriends, or one for our fallen military men and women. The selections are endless!


Through the Soliders’, an Adopt-a-Soldier program, you can send a card or letter a week and at least two care packages a month to a designated soldier. You can also direct cards and treats like CDs and handheld games to wounded soldiers, whether they are recovering in Iraq, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center or Walter Reed Army Medical Center.


Visit for perhaps the most comprehensive site on how to help troops and their families at home. With this Defense Department’s program, you can find information on how to donate frequent flier miles, phone cards and even video conferencing sessions.


  Want to support military men and women through a local effort? Visit Matt Maupin’s support site, 0708DEGROOT_FASHION.gifYellow Ribbon Support Center. Started by Keith and Carolyn Maupin, Matt’s parents, this site is dedicated to sending care packages to our troops and lifting their morale.


“We are dedicated to all of the military personnel currently assigned overseas defending this great country. We also hope to offer moral support to the loved ones left behind,” according to the Web site’s mission statement.


Their main goal, as stated on the Web site is to raise morale for the troops. Most of their care packages come from donations and rely heavily on support from, not only the Tri-State, but from people all over the country.


Donations can be given by e-mailing Keith and Carolyn Maupin.


If you’d rather donate your time to benefit locals affected by the war, BMAC serves military bases and surrounding communities in Kentucky and Ohio, specializes in military community outreach and offers volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can help families with household upkeep — such as shoveling snow, raking leaves, mowing lawns — as well as transportation and activities for children.


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