Girl Getaways

Girl Getaways

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Let’s face it: No matter how much a lady loves her man, there comes a time when the weekly trip to BW-3 for hot wings and widescreen sports action inevitably wears on a girl’s nerves, and the mere thought of talking about something interesting like fashion’s ‘80s comeback seems like a faraway oasis in an ocean of desert.

If this girl is you, get to your oasis, quick! And what is your oasis exactly? Your BFFs of course! So run out of your dude’s favorite sports bar as quick as you can, round up your favorite gals and visit the following four “girl time” spots in the area.

Cooking with Krohn
One of Cincinnati’s more unique spots, the Krohn Conservatory is a great destination year-round for a taste of the tropics. However, the good people of Krohn’s have cooked up something extra special for those choosing to partake: a series of cooking classes in which local chefs prepare and demonstrate cooking techniques associated with the theme of that month, while conservatory horticulturalists add stories and cultural information about the plant sources of the foods made by the chefs. Your significant other would most likely not be caught dead within five feet of a cooking class, so write him off and invite the girls instead. Cost is only $10 per person, and many of the highlighted foods grow in the Krohn collections. The next class is Desert Desserts on Sept. 22, so be sure to call 513-421-5707 to make reservations for your best girlfriend culinary experience.

Shadowbox Cabaret
If you and your entourage enjoy invoking your inner cancan vixen, a night out at Shadowbox Cabaret is for you. The sketch comedy and rock ‘n’ roll club located at Newport on the Levee features original skits and catchy covers of familiar tunes by its house band, BillWho? Be prepared to laugh violently at the witty antics of the cast and be surprised at the friendliness of your server (who will most likely be on stage in the next skit). Low lighting and its slightly gothic red and black interior set the scene for a bordello of laughs. The show currently playing is called “For Those About to Rock ’07,” and answers questions such as “Just how bad does Ryan Seacrest suck?” Or “Should hillbillies be allowed to dance?” See if you and your gal pals can figure out the answer to these very important questions before the rest of the audience! For more information and ticket prices, visit

It’s Karaoke Time
If you and the girls would rather not watch professionals get up on stage making fools of themselves, why not watch each other do it? This “girl time” spot isn’t necessarily a spot — all you need is a hole-in-the-wall bar with a karaoke machine and an extensive song list, and you’re set. You and your friends can down amaretto sours and belt out Aretha Franklin’s “A Natural Woman,” TLC’s “Waterfalls” or Britney’s “Toxic” to your heart’s content. There’s also the freedom due to the obliviousness of the crowd and the absence of anyone’s significant others, so let loose and have fun. If you have a reluctant exhibitionist in the group, remind your friend that “karaoke” is Japanese for “tone deaf.” In other words, no need to worry if your note-carrying paper bag is riddled with holes.

The Cincinnati Ballet

Once you and your friends have indulged need for lowdown fun at a karaoke bar, how about gliding back toward the more cultured end of the fun scale and catch a ballet at Cincinnati’s variety, located on Central Parkway. (Because there’s no way your man is going with you. Period. The end. So, gathering up a bunch of your girlfriends is integral for a trip to the ballet.) You can stop by and catch one of the productions for the usual experience, but if your interest in ballet is more than the usual, come the week before the show for a free sneak peek at After Hours at the Ballet Barre, an hour-long event in which you can watch the dancers rehearse for the upcoming show, mingle with said dancers at an informal reception and get a taste of how things are behind the scenes. Space is limited, so make reservations for your culture-lovin’ outing now!