Chic Spotlight: Jewels By Park Lane’s Shannon Fink

Chic Spotlight: Jewels By Park Lane’s Shannon Fink

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Cincy Chic: Are you originally from Cincy?
Shannon Fink, "Accessory Specialist" for Jewels By Park Lane: I'm a born and bred Cincinnatian! I currently reside over in the Eastgate area.

Cincy Chic: What do you love most about working with Park Lane Jewelry?
Fink: Well, at first it was the gorgeous designer-inspired jewelry and generous compensation plan that drew me in, but once I became a Park Laner, I quickly learned that Jewels By Park Lane is so much more! The Le Vin Family (owner/operators) truly care about their directors. Having the owners care so much about the people on the front lines is a valuable attribute to me.

Also, we have the opportunity to gain financial freedom, build lasting friendships and provide our families with luxuries and necessities we may never have been able to afford otherwise. No matter what one's background, education or position in life, we can afford these luxuries and necessities on a flexible schedule, which is important, too. And most of all, we have a gift to share with others! So, I suppose my answer would have to be, "I have the ability to help enhance another person's life with the gift of jewels!"

Cincy Chic: What piece of jewelry do you not leave the house without?
Fink: Heck, the real question should be what piece of jewelry might I leave behind?! The great thing about our jewelry is the versatility and layering factor! There's a rule of thumb we Park Laners live by: "Never leave home with less then five pieces of jewelry on!" All I have to say is thank goodness I get discounts!

Cincy Chic:
Which celebrity do you think has the best taste in jewelry/gems?
That's a tough one! They all wear such outstanding accessories when strolling the red carpet, so to choose just one is impossible. Lucky for us, Park Lane pays close attention to the celebrities and the designers to get their inspiration. That means we get the look for less!

Cincy Chic: What Cincinnati staple could you not live without?
Well, I'm not sure if this is just a Cincinnati thing or no,t but I'd have to say MIO'S Spinach Stuffed Pizza! I'm a born and bred Cincinnatian! I currently reside over in the Eastgate area.