G’s Spot: Makeover Time!

G’s Spot: Makeover Time!

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Not too long ago, I was shopping for something online. It was a jacket, a women’s jacket. I don’t buy women’s clothes, so I don’t know what size I would need. Ah, they have something in the information about how the jacket fits. It says, “the women in the department tried on the jackets and say it runs about a size smaller than your dress size.” Great, if I knew what dress size I wear. So I called a friend and asked how I can figure out what size dress I wear. She asked me “what size (women’s) pants do you wear?” I don’t know because I don’t wear women’s pants. So, it got me thinking…I would like to dress a little more like a woman sometime.


So, I see my good friend Amy (Cincy Chic editor) on iChat. How convenient! "Amy, I need a favor. I want to get a little makeover. You know, take me shopping and 'kinda' help me look a little softer." She jumped on that! “I would love to! When would be a good time for you?” Before I could really grasp what I had done, she had set me up with a hair appointment and make-up consultant, no joke! In less than five minutes, this woman had everything set up and all I had to do was show up. It was like she was waiting for me to ask her this. (Editor’s Note: I was)

I’m going to have to go shopping in a women’s department for clothes. Okay, I can’t remember ever doing this. If I did, it must not of been a great experience or I would remember.
I go and pick Amy up for this little excursion. She is so excited! I’m not able to show my excitement yet. Let’s just say I’m a little intimidated with what was going to happen today. We then head to a big mall; you know, the kind where women disappear for hours…maybe days. Anyway, did you know that there is a women’s department? It’s just for women. The clothes fit to the female figure! Imagine that.

As we are walking through this department, I check to see if I have my inhaler just in case I start to hyperventilate. The deeper into the women’s clothes, the more I thought I would need that inhaler. I’d point something out and she would shake her head and point to something with more ruffles. She would hold something up and I would make a face.

After a few missed tries, we started coming together. I think she was just trying to see what I could handle. We started picking out stuff that we both liked. I’m feeling a little better now. She hands me a couple of things and said, “Go try these on.” I’m thinking she’s crazy because they look way too small. Then she wants me to come out and show her how it looks on me? Now I’m stressing! So, I step out and she says, “Oh that pair is too big!” What? Too big…are you kidding me? I wasn’t thinking that at all. “Try on these, they’re a size smaller.” WHAT? I get them on and she is trilled! I’m freakin’ out just a little.

But the more I look in the mirror, the more I like them. Okay, I admit, they look good! They are a little (well, a lot) snugger than I’m use to. We did it! We found a cute pair of pants that we both like. Amazingly, we also see a top that we both like before we get out of the mall.
We now have to be at Uniquely Senise Salon to get my hair cut and styled. Les Lee Biddle, my stylist, asked me questions about my hair and the results I’d like to see. I was prepared for this! The week prior, I went through magazines and cut out shots of cuts and colors that I thought would look good on me. Les Lee did a great job and I loved the pampering.

As I’m getting ready to leave, Amy is talking about getting her eyebrows waxed. I was not going to participate in this crazy self-mutilation! Why would anyone want to rip her eyebrows out with hot wax? I am a plucker, always have been. So I watch Amy get hers done as she lies there on the chair. I’m still not doing it. She says the wax isn’t hot and it doesn’t hurt. Not sure how they talked me into it, but I got my eyebrows waxed. I love my eyebrows and didn’t want the thin little ones or none at all and have to pencil them in. They assured me that this would not happen. Okay, here goes nothing. They put on the wax, Amy lied; it is hot. She then conveniently clarified, “Well, it’s not hot enough to burn you.” I didn’t hear that the first time around. Anyway, Les Lee @*&#$% rips off the wax! I swear they ripped out every single hair! I got up and looked in the mirror, expecting to see a eyebrow-less face. Wow, that looks good. She didn’t take off too much. I was pleased. Especially when I felt how soft my skin was were they waxed. Okay, ladies, it was worth the little bit of pain. I am sure that I’ll do it again. I needed step out of my box. This was stepping way out of my box!

We rush back to get the top that both of us liked. (No time to try it on before.) Then scurried off to get back to her house where Janet Coakley, a Mary Kay consultant, was waiting to do our make-up. I am not one to wear more than mascara and lip balm. Now they want me to clean my face with some cleaner that felt like it has sand in it? What the heck is this? Does this make your face raw so you have to wear make-up? Is this the ploy? Let me guess, “It doesn’t feel bad and I’ll love it.” Where have I heard this before?
I do everything that I was asked to do. Clean my face with a couple of different solutions and wipe them off. Now she is talking about ‘foundation”? Why is she talking about what your house sits on? What does this have to do with makeup? (Just kidding) Amy and I pick out our “colors” and start adding stuff to our faces. First, we cleaned our lips with this “sand” stuff then wiped it off. It did feel really good and it made my lips so soft. My face was feeling pretty soft, too. So, foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, lip liner and lipstick. We did it all! Then, we step back to look at the results. Wow. Once again, I’m amazed at the turnout! Both of us looked great!

As I was putting on all that goop on my face, I was sure that it would be too much. But no; it looked great! Now what? You guessed it. Amy tells me, “Go put on your new outfit!” Right now? Off I went with shopping bags in hand. I was nervous about coming out… out of the other room that is. We didn’t have time to go to the shoe store to get shoes, so Amy tosses hers to me. Then she gets the “accessories” we purchased (I thought that “accessories” were extras on a car).

Well, I did feel like we accomplished what I had set out to do. I was feeling soft (and sexy). Thanks, everyone! I’m lovin’ the softer side of me!