Media Maven: “The Dark Knight” Movie Review

Media Maven: “The Dark Knight” Movie Review

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“The Dark Knight”
Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Monique Curne


“The Dark Knight” is the most recent film of the Batman franchise. An interesting fact that may have gone unnoticed is that this film is the first that has not included the word “Batman” in its film title.


“The Dark Knight” as a title is fitting in this grim tale of a superhero coming to terms with the job he is called to do and the life he is yearning to live. Batman (Christian Bale), flawlessly conveys his internal struggle to reconcile the life of prestige and power he was born to compared with the simpler existence of the rest of the Gotham City citizens he is committed to defend from danger.


Danger caustically ispresent in the character of the Joker (Heath Ledger). Others have played the role of the Joker admittedly in a tongue-and-cheek performance in several of the many versions of the Batman franchise — TV: Cesar Romero, Film: Jack Nicholson, Animation: Mark Hamill. It is in Ledger’s rendition that we see the possibility of real evil evidenced in a psychotic, erratic, emotionally charged performance. I predict an Oscar nomination for this performance. The awarding of an Oscar posthumously would be apropos in recognizing a great contemporary of our time.


Maggie Gyllenhaal, as Rachel Dawes, Batman’s one and only love interest gives a more classic portrayal as compared to Kate Holmes’ performance in the last Batman film. Batman’s compatriots (Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine), serve him well as convincing supporters of Bruce Wayne and his desire to protect and serve.


Aaron Eckhart always satisfies in whatever movie he has filmed. In this venue he plays Harvey Dent, Gotham’s newest district attorney. His already artistic prowess is enhanced by the visual graphics of his face being mutilated and his character reconciling his own bitter demise.


It must be acknowledged that this film is dark in every sense of the word. The scenes, the backdrop, the venomous air of evil lurking all contribute to the sense of doom and despair. Whereas in other superhero films, we see some light moments, humor or homage to the American way as evidenced by heroes saving us from ourselves in the USA, this film is graphic in its representation of the fine line between good and evil.


Very stark, very graphic, very good.


Chic Stars: Five Chic Stars


Jan’s Movie Rating System:
5 – Top-notch entertainment
4 – Compelling, Heartwarming, Thrilling, Comical
3 – The a) story b) actors c) special effects saved/made this movie.
2 – If you are bored, watch it, or wait for DVD
1 – Don’t bother. Too morose, too violent, too blasè, an enigma.


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