Chic Spotlight: The Beauty Secrets of Four Fab Femmes

Chic Spotlight: The Beauty Secrets of Four Fab Femmes

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Carrie Driehaus
Marketing Associate, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park


With a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and International Executive MBA, Carrie Driehaus was hired at a global market research company as a project manager and global research director. After endless hours in the office and a feeling that something was missing, she found what she was looking for at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. As marketing associate, she feels her work has a positive impact on the Cincinnati community. Playhouse in the Park has extensive education and outreach programs for children and adults. And as you can see from the photo, Cincinnati Playhouse is honored to have two Tony Awards for its productions.


While her education, experience and accolades are extensive, her beauty routine isn’t. Her best beauty advice: Go natural! 


092208SPOTLIGHT2.jpgMaureen (Renie) Heroux
Executive Assistant, County Prosecutor


Her birth certificate might say Maureen Marie Heroux, but her close friends and family call her Renie. She’s a single Cincinnati native currently residing in the East Walnut Hills/Eden Park area. She recently celebrated the big 4-0 birthday, but says she doesn’t feel or act like it. Maybe her youthful glow comes from being the youngest of six children, who all reside in the Tri-State area.


Her current position is executive assistant to Joseph T. Deters, Hamilton County prosecuting attorney. This will be her fourth year with the Prosecutor’s Office in Hamilton County. “No day is ever the same where the law is concerned, and I must admit, it can be a challenge,” Heroux says. “As you can imagine, most things are confidential and cannot be discussed in regards to my position, but I will say that I have grown and changed in the past four years, all in a positive way.”


Before working for the Prosecutor’s Office, she was the administrative coordinator to Coach Bob Huggins, at the University of Cincinnati. Her decade in this position helped her gain more professionalism and basketball tips than she ever imagined.


Her hobbies and priorities are (not necessarily in this order) travel, fashion, food, friends, family and having a great time, living life and laughing every day! “Life is a gift and I want to make the most of it,” she says


But back to that youthful glow. We got her best tips on how she achieves it:

  • Drink lots of water each day. (she carries a full liter around with her at all times.)
  • Don’t smoke
  • Get lots of rest and sleep. (She trys to get seven hours every night.)
  • Daily exercise. (She walks three to five miles a day.)
  • Religiously use Oil of Olay products (and no, P&G didn’t pay her to say that). Heroux swears by her Olay Daily Facial Washes for Sensitive Skin and Olay Complete Lotion with SPF 15.



Carolyn Martinez
Associate Editor, Cincy Chic


While cooking is not her specialty, looking her best is. Carolyn Martinez never steps foot outside her East Walnut Hills home without a fab new outfit on (usually from Forever 21 or Anthropologie) and freshly applied bright red lipstick.


But there’s so much more than fab outfits and fresh lipstick that goes into making this glam girl shine. She says first and foremost is to moisturize, inside and out. She says she drinks lots of water, puts moisturizer on her face at morning and night, and stays out of the sun. “The sun part is really important to me since I have rosacea,” she explains. “The heat from the sun makes my face red and irritated.”


Because of her sensitive skin, she uses special products for sensitive skin and applies them more gently. “I use an apricot exfoliate, but I rub more gently than I would like to,” says Martinez. “I want to get the dead skin off, but not irritate my skin.”


She says using products to pamper your skin is more important than purchasing products to cover up your skin. “I’m not a fan of face make up,” she says.


But she is a fan of getting facials. “I’ve had many microdermabrasion facials from The Plastic Surgery Group,” she says. “They’re relaxing and geared to your specific skin type and age group.”



Betsy Corcoran
Marketing Assistant, Proctor & Gamble


This blonde definitely has more fun. She can usually be seen at Martinez’s side dining at the poshest restaurants, 0208GIBBERMAN.gifattending the latest art gallery opening or getting dolled up to paint the town with Martinez’s red lipstick.


“I have always been aware of the importance of taking care of myself, physically, mentally and spiritually,” she explains, “but as I have aged it has become even more important to me to also look my best as well.” Having fun, laughing and keeping life exciting are some of her secrets for staying happy. Now, here are her secrets for staying beautiful: She says Mother Nature is the best natural skin replenisher. Fresh air, sunshine and lots of water is the best defense against her wrinkles. “I started using moisturizer at night and during the day when I was in my early 20s,” Corcoran says. “It’s essential to make sure the daily moisturizer has UV protection.”


Exercise is also a big part of her daily life. (Warning, this next sentence will make you feel like a lazy bum) She’s been doing interval aerobics for the past 25 years and recently added step, kick-boxing and running to her regular workouts. “You always need to try to get enough rest as well,” she says. “When you’re tired, it shows in your face.”


Top Photos: Neysa Ruhl Photography

Location: The McAlpin
Makeup Artistry:
Chenese Bean Makeup Artistry

Hair Styling: Robin Howard, Ruckus Glamour Studios

Bottom Photo:
Courtesy of Carolyn Martinez