Aurascope: Mending a Broken Heart

Aurascope: Mending a Broken Heart

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Have you experienced a broken heart recently? Perhaps there was a hurtful argument, an end to a long term relationship or marriage, a passing of a loved one, or even the loss of a dear pet? Each of these heartbreaks can create real physical, emotional and mental discomfort.

We can even express that discomfort in terms of color; for instance, we may be “feeling blue,” or feel “green” with envy or jealousy, see “red” or “black” with anger. Your personal healing process is affected by the color of your aura. We have provided some guidance below, and hope it helps to heal your heartache.

If you have not yet had a reading, first click here to take the free Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).

• Red
• Orange
• Magenta
• Yellow
• Mental/Physical Tan
• Loving/Nurturing Tan
• Green
• Blue
• Lavender
• Indigo
• Violet
• Crystal

RED – Your aura is the grounding color for all your senses. Heat, passion, anger, courage and vitality are your strengths, and radiate from your aura when you are in emotional pain. You will need to tap into your courage and vitality in order to move forward and mend your broken heart. You will succeed at leaving the past in the past after you scream, cry, and throw a few things around. I suggest you seek out a new space – perhaps a new park, go on a road trip to a new destination, or move to a new apartment or home – to cleanse and heal.

ORANGE – Your aura emits emotional, sunny, warm energy that will protect you from holding on too long, and will shield you from the bad vibrations of a broken heart. You will do well to use orange and indigo colors around you to continue to lift your spirits. Consider placing orange or indigo colored flowers on your desk at work or your nightstand at home. Physical activities should actually be increased to release energy trapped or blocked by loss or sadness. Soon you will find a new, satisfying physically interactive relationship.

– Your heartbreak or uncertainty in love can lead you to some pretty outrageous encounters and can leave you like a feeling of going overboard in everything you do. You can use your energy in a positive way to understand your feelings, talk about your heartbreak with friends and family, and be sure to keep others around you at night when you are feeling sad or depressed. If you need some extreme fun think about indoor rock climbing, a quick weekend trip to a new city or expressing yourself artistically. Soon you will start to feel the fire within you again, and you will be looking for new loves.

YELLOW – Your bright aura will stimulate you to move out of your depression and/or grief by focusing on the joy and fun you experienced when the relationship was in full bloom. You have a warm and sunny disposition normally, so take advantage of your great social skills, and get out of the house and meet and mingle with new people and new opportunities. Sometimes people with yellow auras need to revisit places and things they did with a past love in order to move on, so don’t hesitate to have a meal at a restaurant you shared, and use the time to reflect and move on.

MENTAL/PHYSICAL TAN – Your aura creates a combination of mental and physical attributes that is both logical and actionable. Your analytical mind will process your past experiences, and by doing so you can make sense out of your loss. Only once you have reasoned through the break-up will you be able to move on. You will be cautious about moving forward, so take your time to thoroughly work through your issues, and then think about what you want in a spouse or partner.

LOVING/NURTURING TAN – Your tendency is to try to relive every past relationship after a break-up. This can take an emotional toll, and you need a better way to deal with the loss of a relationship. You need to create a special place in your home where you can go to refresh and reconnect with yourself when you experience emotional pain. Surround yourself with pictures and objects that reflect your needs and interests. Think about getting back to what makes you happy, and this will create a path for new discoveries, experiences and relationships.

GREEN – Your aura is naturally healing, and you need to focus energy on yourself when you experience emotional loss. Concentrating your energy on yourself will enable you to be decisive and positive. You can move forward with candor and openness to new relationships, stronger family bonds, and new directions. You will be able to truly heal by immersing yourself in work as quickly as possible. Also try to engage in activities that tap into your feelings of sympathy, altruism, tolerance and balance. Giving your time to a worthy cause will balance your energy.

BLUE – Your aura gives off strong emotional energy at all times, and you experience extreme bouts of crying, screaming, laughter and joy. You also possess the control and patience to work through a healing process, but you have to really focus in order to balance yourself. Sleep, relaxation and long walks with friends will help you to focus and control your emotions. Water elements around you like spas, baths, or fountains will bring harmony and lift your spirits. Treat your self to a spa treatment and consider buying a small indoor fountain to facilitate the healing process.

LAVENDER – Your tendency is to feel nostalgic and sentimental about lost loves, friendships, family member or pets when you go through a break-up. You will want to sleep and dream about the past. However, you need to leave your home and look for spiritual uplifting in the form of music, poetry, and books. Your nerves will be soothed when you loose yourself in a great book or in music. Go to a concert, join a book club or go to a poetry reading…you never know who you will meet while you are seeking balance.

INDIGO – You have an amazing ability to humanize, conceptualize, and capture the very essence of loss. You will turn a sad sequence of events into a beautiful landscape of hope for the future. You will put the past to rest with honesty and respect, and look to new experiences as great challenges and opportunities. Continue to believe in yourself, and do not let this loss get in the way of your spiritual and emotional quest. Every relationship is a chance for you to learn more about yourself and you learn more about the type of partner you need in life.

VIOLET – You are very similar to the Indigo when it comes to loss, and you too can think of this as a learning experience. You crave success, power, and a feeling of self worth, and want to make this life better in some way for others. However, you should take some time to reflect and think about where you are in life. Is this a good time for a relationship, or do you need to focus on yourself for the time being? As you look ahead, be honest with yourself and admit that you need to be nurtured. Only seek out partners that can cater to your softer side, make you laugh, and help you to relax after a hard day.

CRYSTAL – You have a strong intellect and are in tune with a higher level of spirituality. You will move from sadness and loss to a peaceful, contented feeling that whatever has ended is for the best. You strongly believe that that everything happens for a reason, and that you will find the right person to share a life with. The presence of loved ones heals you, lifts your spirit, and helps you move forward. Spend some extra time with your family and friends, even if it means taking a day off from work, and get the support and affection you need.