Final Fridays will Start Your Artsy Engine!

Final Fridays will Start Your Artsy Engine!

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It’s a beautiful, crisp Fall Friday night. There’s just enough of a chill in the air to warrant wearing a light jacket or stylish scarf. You are among a crowd of chattering people, sipping on chilled, locally produced wine and nibbling on fare from the local farmer’s market. You meander through a gallery gazing at the amazing art works hanging on the wall and talk with the artist about the inspiration behind his works.


This isn’t a scene from a visit to some famous art gallery in Europe. It’s just another Final Friday outing in downtown Cincinnati in Over the Rhine.


If you haven’t had the privilege of experiencing the Enjoy the Arts’ Final Fridays, then you are definitely missing out on the vibrant and exciting art scene right here in the Queen City.


There’s no need to jet off to Europe to be a part of a celebration of art, where you can meet other art lovers and even meet the artist currently showing in one of the Final Friday Gallery Hop’s participating art galleries. Every month (except December and August), you even get a chance to be part of a new artist’s opening show with a big party, often with live music.


0208GIBBERMAN.gif The night typically starts out with Hop participants stopping by the “Final Friday headquarters”, picking up a map of the participating organizations, and making their way around to all the galleries and businesses. Usually, the night ends back at the Final Fridays headquarters, before everyone heads out to the bars in the north Main Street entertainment district.


So the next time you find yourself with no plans on the final Friday of the month but are in the mood for a cultural adventure, go get your art on!


For more information, call (513) 621-4700.  

Photo: Courtesy of 5chw4r7z