Aurascope: The Aura of Your Social Networking Skills

Aurascope: The Aura of Your Social Networking Skills

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I am sure many of you have heard of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”, have used LinkedIn, MySpace or Facebook to make connections with people, or have read “The Tipping Point” in order to understand how social networks operate. However, there is not a lot of information available on how you can use your intuitive abilities to meet new people or to grow your social network. Networking does not come naturally to everyone, but it an essential skill in today’s world, and you never know where a chance encounter will lead you.

Take this column as an example: The reason you are reading this column is because of social networking. I was introduced to the Cincy Chic editor, Amy, who learned of from Seth (my son), who met Amy's fiancee through his friend, Jon. Voila! An opportunity was born from social networking!

In this week’s Aurascope we have provided advice, based on the color of your Aura, for using your intuition to build your social network.

RED You radiate certainty and power, and people tell you all the time they feel they can trust you. You are trustworthy…except when it comes to juicy gossip, something you know you need to work on! You are typically willing to help others achieve material success, but they need to show they are willing to put skin in the game and work hard to achieve success. You should trust your instincts more – you know when someone is not willing to do their fair share, and don’t let your desire to helping someone that you know does not deserve your time and energy. When going out to social events enhance your wardrobe with red accessories – it will make you unforgettable.

ORANGE – You are the ultimate strategizer, and you are incredibly resourceful in gathering a network of mentally, physically and emotionally capable people around you. You always complete what you start; in fact, you challenge others around you to race you to the finish. Remember that not everyone moves at the same pace, and you risk getting a reputation as a task-master. People can pick up on your sense of urgency, and sometimes it is a little unnerving to new people you need. Add some orange to your wardrobe – a blouse, shirt, scarf – and it will help you to ease off the gas when meeting someone new.

MAGENTA – You attract artistic, outspoken and eccentric personalities. Many of your friends try to push society standards to the edge…but most are all bark and no bite, but it makes for stimulating conversations just the same. More than anything, your natural networking skills make you a fun person to be around, as you are always surrounded by an interesting and entertaining crowd. If you wear shades of magenta on lips, nails or your underwear (please only wear the magenta underwear when appropriate!) and somehow others will notice high energy emanating from you and will be drawn to hear what you have to say.

YELLOW – You feel very comfortable with social networking, and are always up for a party or event. Your first order of business is pleasure, so it is more important for you to surround yourself with people with whom you can experience new things and explore new places or ideas. Works take a backseat to everything, so try to pursue a career where can use your natural abilities, intuition and spontaneity. If you are feeling a bit worn down from your social obligations try wearing yellow accents or accessories, or buy some yellow flowers for your bedroom or office – they will give you extra energy help you be the life of the party.

MENTAL/PHYSICAL TAN – You are very good at building relationships and that yield tangible results. You are thought of in social circles as someone of great depth and knowledge, and you are very good at putting other people together. You can seem dry and aloof to new people given your aura of authority. Avoid wearing too much black – you need to color up your wardrobe a bit so that you are less intimidating to new people. A bit of color will allow you intelligence to shine through.

LOVING/NURTURING TAN – You are the problem solver and are an intermediary in social networks. You are great at putting out fires, and can get others to negotiate, mediate and come to a common understanding. You could be a great asset to your company or community, and have the makings of a great social politician. Khakis and peach clothing coupled with soft soled shoes will draw others to you for help. It is your nature to help others, but use your intuition and don’t be afraid to say “no” if you feel you are being used.

You are one of the best at networking, and you are drawn to money, power and new opportunities. People sense that you are agile, swift, organized and efficient. Everyone will want to work with you or be seen with you, and you are admired for your success and accomplishments. You have to be very picky about the opportunities you entertain. You have allowed yourself to be wooed by money when your intuition told you to back away…don’t make the same mistake twice, and if you feel a twinge of doubt then move on. Add green to your wardrobe – it will put people at ease when speaking to you.

BLUE – You are concerned with building relationships within your extended family, and you have a strong desire to be the person through whom all family information flows. You always have to be the first to know, and you are good about sharing information in the right way, and at the right time and place. You are naturally compassionate and sensitive, and are a great listener. People also trust your advice, so feel free to let people know what you are thinking. Wear lighter shades of blue if you are engaging in social/family events, and darker blue at business meetings. It will help you to focus and concentrate on the conversation at hand.

You do not really bother yourself with networking at an activity unto itself. You like to let things happen naturally. You like being around others who share your love of leisure, and who take life at a nice, easy pace. People are drawn to what they perceive as self-confidence, and your sense of peace. If you need to get creative, or tap into your network for inspiration or ideas, wear lavender clothing. It will unblock you and help you with creative work.

INDIGO – You belong to many different social networks, each built around a different interest or part of your life. Sometimes you feel detached or lonely because while you know a lot of people in different circles, you do not feel very close to them. Your networks are worlds apart, and it is hard for you to cross pollinate groups, even though you would like to bring them all together. The best advice – strengthen ties with a few good friends who like to move through networks as well. That way you will have a core group and can still explore other things. You like to stand on the outside and watch others…make sure you dress the part of the wallflower when you are in observation mode. Spice it up only when you really want to engage.

You are passionate, idealistic, intuitive and insightful. You are really about helping the world evolve to a better place. Your mission is to empower people, and to energize social networks to bring about social and environmental chance. You will be more effective and get more out of networking if you pick one cause and stick to it – advance the mission of something that is important to you instead of carrying the flag for others. You will get a lot more done, and feel enriched and satisfied. You will also be surprised by how quickly word will spread about what you are doing, and by how many people will stand behind you. Wear purple if you are trying to earn someone’s trust – it helps you to appear warm and genuine.

CRYSTAL – You can blend in anywhere, make new friends, and create buzz. By the end of a night of networking everyone has either heard about you or your idea. You have great wisdom, knowledge and leadership qualities, and people are eager to grasp onto you or your ideas. People believe you, and will follow you, without even really knowing you. Your challenge is figuring out how to best use your social networking abilities. Wear white when you need to feel strong – it will help you move through events with a sense of clarity and purpose.