Christmas in October

Christmas in October

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Almost any store you go into during October is going to have a selection of items that are all pink. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is filled with the opportunity for you to support the cause. We all know that you can purchase T-shirts, scarves and candles, the proceeds of which go to help fight this horrible disease, but did you know you can get a toaster as well? You sure can! Many nationally-known companies are joining the fight against breast cancer, so do your Christmas shopping now. Most of these items are hard to purchase once November arrives.

Breast Cancer in the Office
Papermate, 3M, and other well known office supply companies will be giving us the opportunity to write, file, and post-it in pink. Folders, pens, and pencils will all be available. And don’t go to work without your Totes pink umbrella.

Breast Cancer in the Home
This is no joke! Kitchen Aid makes a blender, a chopper, a toaster and a hand mixer, all in pink! TVS makes a pink handled frying pan, while Vitapur is giving us a pink ribbon water pitcher. To pick up spills, use your Dirt Devil pink vacuum. There are also lunch boxes, coolers and of course, food companies that will donate when you purchase certain food products. Salsa, salad dressings, cookies, you name it. And while you’re out shopping, check for toilet paper, tissues and other household items. If they are supporting Breast Cancer, they will have special pink ribbon packaging this month.

Breast Cancer at the Gym
Sports company New Balance has created an entire line of pink ribbon workout clothes — including socks. Nike makes hats. And don’t forget to take your pink ribbon water bottle with you!

And along the sports line, the popular sports brand Wilson has tennis balls and rackets, as well as golf towels, visors, golf balls and in fact, an entire set of golf clubs —bag included — all in pink.

Then, the ultimate in equipment would be the Women’s Forge Athena-V Comfort Bike. Ride through your neighborhood in style while supporting the cause.

Other Innovative Ways to Help Find a Cure
Makeup counters will host makeovers, salons will have “cuts for the cure” and you can always sponsor someone in a walk or run. However, if you wanted to get a jump on gifts, why not go ahead and purchase that digital camera now. Polaroid has a pink breast cancer camera with proceeds going toward the cause. If you haven’t discovered She Beads yet, why not? It was born here in Cincinnati, and can be made especially to your liking. The shop carries beads that support breast, as well as ovarian cancer. Vera Bradley has always been a big contributor to finding a cure, and each year comes out with patterns that are solely made for that reason. Ralph Lauren has their “Pink Pony” collection, and each October, the fantastic company Brighton makes a bracelet. (This year though, there will be a necklace and earrings to match. Lucky us!)

The definitive move in pink ribbon merchandise though, is being made by Ford. Check out the 2008 Mustang with the Warriors in Pink optional package. And if you decide to not get the car, then just get the clothes. They are endorsed by the cast of Grey’s Anatomy, and have T-shirts, hats and dog tags — ‘because men can help find the cure too.” Cool huh?

Support the cause, get some shopping done and show off your pink! The cure isn’t far away. You can help it get here faster. Support these companies as they help support the search for a cure.