Adventures around Cincinnati

Adventures around Cincinnati

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Adventure Tuesday started it all. This weekly tradition gave Terri Weeks and Laura Hoevener a chance to explore the city with their kids.


"We had heard a speaker at our moms group talk about all the fun places to go all over the state, and we were just excited about seeing all of those things," Weeks says. "But we knew ourselves well enough to know that if we didn’t some kind of a plan, that it wasn’t going to happen."


So they created Adventure Tuesday, and every Tuesday Weeks, Hoevener and their kids experienced a new attraction in the city. "You learn something new with every book you 0110Fence_INSTORY.gifread, whether it’s a novel, a biography or anything," Hoevener says. "I feel like we learned something and the kids learned something with every adventure that we go on. There’s just always something new to learn."


They shared their experiences with other members of their moms group, and after hearing about attraction after attraction, members of their moms group encouraged them to write a book.


Now, Adventures around Cincinnati details more than 80 attractions within a two-hour’s drive of Downtown. All of the attractions listed have been tested and approved by the dynamic duo. "If something wasn’t worthwhile to visit, we just weren’t going to put it in the book, but everything we put in the book, we think is worthwhile to go see," Weeks says.


The exploration opportunities range from going to the top of the Carew Tower Downtown to discovering Trammel’s Fossil Park in Sharonville. Because of the range in activities, 061410VALLEYVIEW.GIFWeeks and Hoevener offer a couple different indexes for the attractions. They are listed alphabetically and by category, including a "free" category for the budget explorers.


Adventures around Cincinnati also is arranged by geographic location. With each location, a map shows approximately where each attraction is.


 While Weeks and Hoevener used their adventures to spend time with their kids, there are fewer than 10 attractions that you really need a kid to enjoy, Hoevener says. Cincinnati newcomers have used the book to explore their new territory. Cincinnati natives have used the book to explore their old territory. And even photographers have used Adventures around Cincinnati to scout out new places to take photos, Hoevener says.


For more information about the book, to find out where it’s sold near you or to follow Weeks and Hoevener’s continued adventures, check out the Adventures around Cincinnati Facebook page.



Photographer: Neysa Ruhl
Model: Terri Weeks and Laura Hoevener
Location: Cincy Chic Offices