Aurascope: The Secret to Finding True Love

Aurascope: The Secret to Finding True Love

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Is there a secret to finding the path to true love? I believe you need to search within yourself – read and understand the energy that lives inside and then learn to trust and follow your intuition. How many times have you gone into a relationship knowing it is not right? Do you want to stop that cycle, and find the love you seek?

I can help you with the first step in this process. Each aura color* enters into love and relationships a little differently. The rest of the process is up to you: you have to use the knowledge, trust your intuition and use self-discipline. Doing what is right for you in the long run is not always as easy as doing what seems immediate or convenient. But if you take the advice in this Aurascope to heart you will be one step closer to unlocking the secret to love.

RED – Learn to trust your senses when searching for love. Put yourself in situations with you can engage your sense of smell, touch and taste when feeling out a love match. These three senses, when stimulated at the same time, stoke your intuitive powers. You are likely to find a love match in a restaurant, cooking class, art gallery or this season, in a pumpkin patch. Definitely add a touch of red to your nails, lips, and/or clothing –it will help draw the right people to you.

ORANGE – You are likely to meet a love match at a high-octane event where emotions run high – hiking clubs, horseback riding, salsa night, rock climbing, or a sold-out athletic event. Your intuition and sense of self grows stronger when you are surrounded by adventure, excitement and a little bit of danger. Your body will heat up and your face will glow with positive emotion when you meet the right person – listen to your body for signals. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to someone new when you feel flush.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Yes, you need a lot of attention. Yes, you like to shake things up. Embrace who you are. You get into trouble with love because you pretend to be something you are not. This brings the wrong kind of people into your life, and when you stop fronting, you scare them away. You are great how you are and the right match is out there for you. There are people as spontaneous, free-spirited and free. Be yourself and they will come into your life.

You are searching for someone like you – sensitive, considerate, and feeling. The secret for you is patience and communication. You are fiercely loyal and trustworthy – but it takes time for you to completely open up and give yourself to another person. Your love interests need to know this from you. It is alright to admit that your fuse burns slowly, but once you ignite your love burns deeply. Your love is worth waiting for, and you need to find someone who will court you and be patient with you. But it is your responsibility to let potential mates know how you operate or they will get frustrated.

Here is the best advice I can give you…when you feel comfortable enough with a potential mate to invite them over for dinner or a drink, weak the clothes that you lounge around in. Put on your favorite sweats, pajamas or t-shirt and jeans. Put pretense aside and let potential mates know you love to lounge, cuddle, watch old movies, listen to music, take long strolls, visit museums and lay in front of the fire with a good book. Find the person who seems out of place at the next social gathering you attend – they are probably just like you, and would love nothing more than to escape the scene and get real.

This is going to sound tough, but you need to make people earn your time, love and affection. You appear to others as if you are ready to accept everyone, despite their faults and needs. You are always available to listen and give comfort to others. This means you attract wound lickers, and you end up helping people to move on from hurtful relationships….and then they move on from you! Save your love and energy for someone who is whole, and who cherishes the nurturing you provide.

You are able to see what you want, when you want it and know how to get your needs met. You are especially drawn to power, intelligence and success. You may be moody and pout at times, but this only adds to your sexiness. Don’t be envious or manipulative of others; your charisma alone can draw others to you without a spoken word because you are the total package. However, your ability to charm and your need to feel happy all the time can lead to short term decision making. What do you want in the long run? Set aside some time and thing long and hard about what you really want out of a partner. Be honest with yourself, and then you can find true love.

You will fall in love too quickly and give too freely of yourself. Many times you sacrifice your money and time on lost causes. The next time you feel yourself falling in love step back and try to understand everything that could be motivating someone. Your instinct is to love and trust someone who talks about family and friends, and you are a sucker for intricate life stories and sappy pictures of family and friends. Look for mates that don’t have such long and complex histories. Find someone that you can create stories with, and stay away from those who want to draw you into the past.

LAVENDER – You actually fantasize about your “dream” love – you know the size, height and occupation of the right fit. However, you never seem to find anyone as good as the person in your dreams. No one is going to magically make your life complete, take away your issues or give you the attention you need to feel complete. You will always be chasing the next dream unless you fix yourself. The secret to love is to stop dating, and find your own place in the world. Once you have established your own identity you will be ready to share your life.

You already know the secret to love, but it is not easy to digest. Indigos can never be satisfied by one person or one relationship. You need to find someone who will satisfy your long term needs in life, and then develop relationships around that person to fulfill your other needs. You need different partners to satisfy different needs, and you need to segment your life. This is the key: you may give your time and body to a number of partners, but you can give your heart and sound to only one.

A total mind, body and spirit connection is essential to your quest for love – settle for nothing but the entire package. Your body will actually vibrate with energy when you find the right love match. When you find the right person you will feel as if you have met before, and you will feel a sense of clarity and peace that you have never felt before. Your life partner will awaken your sense and your mind. When you feel this you will awaken spiritually and sensually, and you should run with the relationship and never look back. But…don’t settle and don’t be deceived. Only a real awakening of the mind and spirit will signify a love match.

You are able to see with great clarity the type of person you want to share a life with, but you prefer to move slowly and deliberately. You require courtship, and are a bit old fashioned – although you may not appear so to the outside world. Don’t worry about showing a love connection that you want to move more slowly – your calming, healing and balanced lifestyle will bring harmony and trust to the new relationship. The right partner will appreciate your needs and embrace the process of winning your love. If someone is pushy, then move onto the next person without looking back.

*If you have not yet had a reading, first click here to take the free, two question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).