Painting the Town Blue

Painting the Town Blue

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“We will always wear bell bottoms and hip huggers. We will fight frump.” If you’re screaming “Yahoo!” about this mantra then you too need to know about the new crew in town!


This regular mantra comes from The Blue Thong Society (BTS), a hip, sassy and smart bunch of ladies who have blazed new trails and broken the molds since birth and are now making their way into Cincinnati.


BTS is a group of ladies who have “been there done that.” They have made a gateway for women to a make a difference in the generations to come. Sticking together throughout the years, these ladies have seen women who went from the stay-at-home mom to the CEO of a major corporation with class. The BTS represents the strong-willed, the up-and-coming, and most of all, the confident women who believe in themselves through thick and thin. These women fight frump and change lives.102008SOCIAL2.jpg


As far as the society’s name, they chose the color blue because it is linked to sympathy, harmony, friendship and loyalty, which are all traits we long to accomplish in our relationships and friendships with the women in our lives. The thong part doesn’t mean that you have to wear a thong!


They just want to make everyone aware that they stand up for what they fought for in their youth and how it has made them who they are today. (And you better believe they walked that path in some star-studded thong sandals!)


Louis Petkov is the director of BTS, Blue Hot Sapphires for the Cincinnati Chapter. “We are slowly building a group of energetic, loving and fun-loving ladies of like mind,” Petkov says.”BTS is having a group of like-minded girlfriends locally but also having a greatly extended group of friends nationwide,” she says. “The various chapters cooperate in activities, and if you are traveling or moving, you can contact the local chapter there and immediately have contacts.”


Petkov encourages women of all ages to join BTS because it is proud to be a group that encourages and educates all of their girlfriends, no matter the age,on the benefits of staying hip, beautiful and chic forever.


“There is so much life experience to share that here we can be appreciated when we discuss the challenges faced in today’s world,” Petkov says. “We want to build a multicultural group here in Cincinnati because exchange between women of different cultures enriches the lives of everyone involved.”0208GIBBERMAN.gif


The BTS girls like to stay very active. They start at Flirt’s Fitness Center, gather for their Blue Martini meeting, and then do an activity like a belly dance lesson or massage. Because there are many members who do not have a partner, they plan hiking trips and other events that are more safely done in a group rather than alone.


The national BTS also likes to stay active, with trips to Vegas, cruises, the list goes on and on. If anyone is interested in joining BTS, just show up at the next meeting or contact Petkov for further details about the upcoming November meeting.


No matter what age you are, getting with a fabulous group of ladies who have so much to offer is priceless.


First Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography

Location: The McAlpin

Makeup Artistry: Trina Paul


Second Photo: Courtesy of The Blue Thong Society