Aurascope: The Secrets of a Women’s Intuition

Aurascope: The Secrets of a Women’s Intuition

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We all have intuitive powers, but most of us do not know what we can do to sharpen or tap into our intuitive and psychic abilities. This week I have provided you with suggestions to help tap into your intuition. In many cases, the advice requires you to take action, take control of a private space, and in all cases to take time for yourself. All of the rituals and practices described in this Aurascope* take no more than five minutes a day, and the more your practice them, the more you will benefit.

RED – In order to tap into you psychic ability you should hold something red in your dominant hand – jewelry, a pen with red ink or even a red ball. Alternatively you can wrap yourself an article of red clothing, such as a blanket, coat or sweater. Then focus your will and mind on the task or question at hand. Red will open your mind and help you to visualize the path forward. Meditation while holding the item – preferably in a quiet space painted in a rich red – will also help you to focus. Have the strength to see your ideas through to fruition.

Place orange in front of you and you will feel creativity streaming through your body and mind. Try to close yourself off to other colors. To do this you can fill your computer screen with an orange block of color, or place a large piece of orange construction paper on your desk. Focus on the outcome you desire, and internalize the image. Use this meditation tactic to help you make big decisions or before you go into an important meeting.

MAGENTA – Magenta is a powerful color, and it takes only a very small amount to stimulate your intuitive abilities. Situate yourself in a quiet, neat room that is free of visual, psychical and auditory distractions. Write your question on a piece of magenta paper, or in magenta ink, and put it in front of you while touching it with your dominant hand. You will become centered and open your mind to the true answer.

Yellow is one of the easiest colors to feel and visualize: all you have to do is visualize bright sunlight all around you while closing your eyes and bringing your hands to rest right above your navel. Imagine pulling the sunlight into your body, and repeat this process for three to five minutes. Once you are centered and the warmth of the sunlight is radiating through your body, reflect on the pressing issue at hand. Keep your mind focused and eyes closed, and imaging the sunlight revealing the truth. When you open your eyes you will have the strength to act on your vision.

MENTAL/PHSYICAL TAN – You have always been good at mapping out and predicting the steps in a process, but you sometimes fail to see the roadblocks or unexpected events that can derail or delay your plans. Before you lay out your next plan, surround yourself with warm, rich leather, and using brown or tan ink on stark white, lineless paper, to write out the process you see. Make sure you write out everything that comes to mind – sometimes you omit details that you visualize because you think they are not likely, and then they come true! Trust your senses and put it all down on paper – you will be amazed by what you have the ability to sense and predict.

Okay, this is going to sound a little weird, but trust me and play along. You are very good at helping people move through very difficult situations. Borrow something brown or tan from a friend, and meditate with them for five minutes in a quite, isolated place. Write down what you see with brown or tan ink on white, lineless paper, and hand them the list without saying a word. This technique will produce your best intuitive advice.

GREEN – You are both a planner and a doer. You have a strong ability to see the path to a reward, and can help yourself or others to take the most direct path to success. You feel through numbers, so I suggest that you purchase a small, green pocket calculator. Use it when you are building your financial plans and it will bring out your intuitive abilities.

BLUE – The key for you is focus. There are always many people clamoring your for time and attention, and the only way you can tap into your intuitive and psychic abilities is to retreat to a peaceful, calming environment. Find a place in your home where you can create a “blue” room or space. Paint the walls blue and fill the space with blue furniture, decorations and books. This is your area to retreat and tap into your psychic abilities.

LAVENDER – Fill your desk drawer with lavender pens and keep a lavender journal with you at all times. You are a doodler and a note taker, and you have a lot of ideas that flash before you during the day. However, you are not good at capturing them and acting upon them. Write them down, and at the end of the day pull out a lavender pen and circle, at least 10 times, the ideas that you feel most strongly about. Meditate on those ideas, internalize them, and release them to your intuition. This will give you then strength and focus to follow through and make your dreams come true.

You don’t need help tapping into your intuitive and psychic abilities, but you do need help figuring out which of your ideas is worth your time and energy. Physical activity helps you to focus, and I suggest that you enroll in a Pilates or yoga class. After class retreat to the sauna, whirlpool or steam room, and carry a small indigo colored towel or ball with you. Hold in tightly in your hand as you relax your mind, and this should help give you the clarity you need to focus your energy in the right direction.

You are naturally clairvoyant, and you feel that you can use this to help others. Believe in yourself and your thoughts and visions, and know that others take you seriously and listen to your ideas. You need to learn to trust yourself and your feelings. I suggest that you buy some violet colored candles, and light them while you take a bath. As you are relaxing in the violet glow, pull the energy in and say to yourself, “I am a strong, capable and can bring about change”. If you don’t like that mantra, make one up for yourself…but pick one, and mediate on it for five to ten minutes.

CRYSTAL – You have strong psychic abilities, but you can only tap into them through meditation. I suggest you buy two crystals – make sure they are smooth, and that you can comfortably hold them tightly in your hands for three to five minute intervals. While holding them tightly in your fists, with your palms up, pressed to your ribcage, close your eyes. Focus your mind on a tree made of crystal, with a light shining through and a rainbow bursting out toward your dominant side. Then see yourself entering the vision, see the rainbow entering your body, and feel it open your mind and heart. Hold this position and thought for three to five minutes, and afterward, you should be able to work through a mental block or problem at work with ease.

*If you have not yet had a reading, first click here to take the free, two question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).

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