Chic Spotlight: The Dent School House Boys

Chic Spotlight: The Dent School House Boys

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Cincy Chic: So how did a couple of NKU students come to start The Dent School House?

Dent Boys: We started actually as two separate yard haunts. A yard haunt in a haunted house done at someone’s yard/home.


Me (Bud) and my dad (Chuck) started the Majestic Nightmare in the 1990s. It started as a small yard decoration and then exploded into a 3-yard, 16 room, fully-tented haunted house with more than 13 actors.


Josh, however, was born into horror. His family had been doing yards haunts before he was born. Their yard haunt was the Nightmare Manor and took more than 3 yards and had a fully-tented 10 room haunt with more than 13 actors.


We met up at a high school party one night and started “talking haunt.” From there, the gruesome friendship was born. The three of us formed a company, 1031 Productions, LLC just for the horror fix that we all had.


Once we started getting an hour to two-hour wait of people out our houses to see the yard haunts, we decided that we needed to find a permanent home for our ghastly creations! Out of luck we acquired “The Haunted House” on Harrison Ave. It was run by the scouts but they were looking to get out of their 25-year-tradition. It was a nice match since we were looking to create a new killer tradition. So, to make a long story short, the 1031 boys acquired the old school house and brought it back to life! We brought the story of the janitor to life, finally gave it a name, The Dent School House, and re-vamped every room. It is now Cincinnati”s premier haunted attraction to go to!


Cincy Chic: Seen the janitor around lately?

Dent Boys: Have we seen Charlie? Every once in a while the spirit of Charlie will make his presence known, especially in the off season! He likes to make sure that our messes are cleaned up in a timely fashion!


Cincy Chic: Any exciting news to tell us?

Dent Boys: The Dent School House is attracting record numbers of deaths…excuse me, I mean new students! Reviews are saying we are one of the best in the Tri-state. We also have the First Annual Scariest and Sexiest Costume contest on Oct. 30! We also are already planning for next year. Expect a more advanced attraction in 2009!


Cincy Chic: What part of the attraction scares you the most?

Dent Boys: We would all have to agree that the hells 0708DEGROOT_FASHION.gifbasement is the scariest for us. I mean it is haunted! You never know what you will see around the corner.


Cincy Chic: Do you truly believe in ghosts?

Dent Boys: For the most part, we do. After working in The Dent School House, you realize that there is something from beyond the grave!


Cincy Chic: Come out from behind those masks, makeup and costumes! Tell us more about yourself and how you spend your free time.

Dent Boys: Even when it is not the haunt season, the business of owning a haunt is year round! Renovation of new rooms and marketing is a big portion of the “off season.”


Josh is finishing up at NKU with a theatre major. He would like to one day be in the field of stage design; he is off to a good start with all that he does at Dent! He is also getting married this year, too!


Chuck owns a landscaping company and now owns the unofficial largest spooky town in the world! Lemax makes all those small haunted houses and figurines, he has about everyone, plus, has transformed some of the Christmas village to match the haunted houses. He hopes to one day have it on display for all to see.


Bud is now graduated from NKU and works for WKRQ 101.9 FM. In the summer time he loves playing in his own league of water volleyball! He is a chicken wing connoisseur. Bud also owns his own DJ business and spins music all around the Tri-state!


 Cincy Chic: Ohio is known for haunted places. Any that you are scared of/believe in?

Dent Boys: Our favorite, other than The Dent School House would be Bobby Mackey”s in Wilder, KY. With it being in our back yard, “Hell”s Gates” is truly one scary place. Also The Waverly Hills Sanitorium is an amazing haunted hot spot. We took the haunt down last year and toured it. We wish we owned that place for a haunted house!1108SENSIBLE.gif


Cincy Chic: As far as visitors go, what is your most memorable experience at the attraction?

Dent Boys: That is a hard one. We see so many people! If I (Bud) had to choose just one, it would have to be when a Sheriff helped me pull of a scare. A group of kids were going to their car after just touring the haunt. The sheriff came out with his flashlight and motioned for the group to come closer. We started asking them if there was a problem. Once he had their attention I did a running leap across the parking lot and jumped right in the middle of the group. I was dressed as a deranged sideshow bat creature. The group exploded! Bodies were flying all over just to get away from the winged terror! The sheriff was on the ground from laughing so hard. I love my job!


Cincy Chic: What”s your recommendation for a really good horror flick?

Dent Boys: We would have to say stick with the classics! Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc., horror movies today just are lacking. Maybe they are trying toooooo hard! (Bud) I am a fan of House of 1000 Corpses from Rob Zombie.


Cincy Chic: When you’re not working at the School House, what is your favorite character to dress up for Halloween?

Dent Boys: This is a trick question! We always for at the haunt during Halloween! Since I (Bud) am the one that really acts now at the haunt now my favorite character would have to be my clowns! Jasper and Kill Joy! Playing killer clowns is just sooooo much fun!


Cincy Chic: Any tips/advice for those shooting for the title, “Best Halloween Costume?

Dent Boys: Be creative and play the part! Making your own costume is what sets you out from the crowd. If you are going as a character make sure that every piece of you is covered, fingers and arms included. It ruins the effect when you are dressed as a dead person and have a great make-up job on your face and then have normal hands! Come on. That is a Halloween costume no-no!


Cincy Chic: What”s your favorite thing about Cincinnati?

Dent Boys: No matter what some of the youth says, there is always something to do or people to meet. That’s why the haunt is so much fun because you meet so many interesting people!


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Photo: Neysa Ruhl Photography

Location: The McAlpin